Hillary Clinton’s Fade-Out

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Hillary Clinton is lying when she says she’s not running for President again.  She’s lied about this many times before.  (Prior to her 2016 run, she said, “I just want to be a Grandma!”)

I’ll tell you how this turns out, even before it happens.  2020 will not be like 2016.  The other candidates aren’t going to be falling all over themselves, making room for the “inevitable candidate”.  The run to be the Democratic presidential nominee will be hard fought and vicious.  And when “H” announces her revenge comeback – it will not be met with cheers.  It will be met with groans.  Everything she’s said and done since her November ass-whipping proves, she’s the same unbearable hag she’s always been.

When it comes time to debate the other Democratic candidates, they’ll tear her to pieces.  Also, the Clinton Foundation will not be able to dupe so many unsuspecting rubes into throwing their money away on a habitual loser.

Symbolically speaking, Mrs. Clinton is going to have her ass handed to her on a silver platter.  I say, “Good,” and a final “fuck you.”

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Eric Bolling’s Son Murdered?

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Eric Bolling (former co-host of “The Five”) with his recently deceased son, Eric Chase Bolling, 19.

One day following the firing of Fox News reporter Eric Bolling, his son Eric Chase Bolling, age 19, was found dead from a drug overdose.  How does this add up to murder?

One.  Eric Bolling was on “the list”.  This list contains those who the far-left want removed from the mainstream media.  On top of that list was Bill O’Reilly.  Another is Sean Hannity, who verifies there are people who want him removed.  There are many more.

Two.  Eric Bolling was fired from FoxNews for allegedly sending pictures of male genitals from his cell phone to three female employees of Fox News.   Bolling denies it.  The fact is Smartphones can be hacked.  Also, those involved in the conspiracy at first said it was a picture of Bolling’s penis.  Now it has changed to “just pictures”.  Whenever someone story changes, it means they’re lying.

Three.  The death of his son occurs the following day of his dismissal.  This is a clear message from those behind this.  Bolling’s family should hire a private investigator to find out where the drugs came from and who were the people he saw last.

Four.  Democrats have aligned themselves with a criminal element.  Look at their former Presidential candidate.  The Clintons have had enough people killed to fill a cemetery.  ANTIFA is an arm of the left.  What about their violence?  How far does this have to go until people realize what is going on?

Five.  The MSM is trying to brand this death as a “suicide” – with no evidence.  When politicians have people killed, it is often called a suicide, with no investigation.  It is not believable for anyone to kill themselves over a fraudulent charge involving their parents.

Six.  Fox News is getting rid of their conservative format and that entails getting rid of their most conservative reporters.  Both O’Reilly and Bolling were fired before their cases were proven in court.

With the election of Donald Trump, we are living in dangerous times for those who oppose our President.  They will stop at nothing to renew their agenda, i.e., creating a Socialist welfare state with a crippled military and open borders to “dreamers” who want to turn us into a third-world nation.

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9/11 Collapse

Image result for hillary collapse at ground zero, gif Something happened on September 11.  It occurred in Manhattan, NYC.  No, it’s not what happened in 2001.  It was last year at Ground Zero 2016.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton fell like a ton of bricks, indicative of her campaign.  Just as a turkey can’t fly, either could Mrs. C.  What could be more predictive than this?  While the MSM tried to downplay or outright dismiss it, this and her on-camera brain seizures proved her health was far worse than any of us could imagine.

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The demons are alive and well in Hillary Clinton.

One year later, we have an embittered MSM broadcasting daily biased character attacks on Pres. Trump.  We have protests from ANTIFA, far-left anarchists and paid criminals.  And we have Trump voters, the real Americans.  (The MSM calls them “Nazis and white supremacists.”)  Whose side are you on?

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Generally, a theatrical film isn’t changed for a DVD release.  If it is, the public is warned, “Director’s Cut”, e.g..  Not so for three Elvis Presley movies.

Change of Habit 1969 Poster.jpg  The first and worst example is “Change of Habit” (1969), where the King portrays Dr. John Carpenter, a doctor working in the ghetto.  He is joined by three nuns incognito.  (Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara McNair and Jane Elliot.)  In the plot, Dr. Elvis mistakenly believes the three women are there for abortions, which he refuses.  (It was illegal then.)  The punchline?  He asks them “By the way, was it the same guy?”  This scene was cut by Universal, I presume, so that people don’t know abortion was once considered a bad thing.

Elvisontour.jpg Next, “Elvis on Tour” (1972), is a documentary released by MGM.  Today, it’s owned by Warner Bros.  The original song over the title credits was “Johnny B. Goode”.  It’s been replaced by “Don’t be Cruel”.  Now, we can argue back and forth about Elvis being on something while singing “Johnny B. Goode”.  I don’t care.  Elvis on chemical substances is still ten times better than the singers of today.  “Elvis on Tour” is not the same without this song.

This is elvis.jpg  Finally, “This is Elvis” (1981) is an excellent retrospective of the King’s career:  part documentary-part reenactment.  Towards the conclusion, Elvis sings “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” which has been removed for the “Special Edition” at the request of his estate.  (His ex-wife?  His daughter?)  This song was cut because Elvis forgets the words at one point.  It does show, however, Elvis at the end of his rope, raw and unvarnished.

Likewise, CBS would cut “Unchained Melody” from “Elvis in Concert” (1977), a real shocker.

It is unforgiveable in this day and age to edit out, whitewash, a part of rock and roll history.  If this article does any good, Universal and Warner Bros. will restore these films UNCUT.

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Charlottesville Rally.  On August 12, 2017, James Alex Fields, Jr. ran his car, a 2010 Dodge Challenger, through a crowd of left-wing protestors, killing one Heather Hyer.  Since then, he has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.  Q.  Will he be found “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” like John Hinckley, Jr. was, who shot a President?  (Hinckley is free now.)  How about O.J. Simpson who killed two people and was let go because of his black celebrity status?  What about Arthur Bremer who shot George Wallace?  (Bremer is free now.)  No, I think Mr. Fields will probably be executed.  Why?  This is all symbolic.

Image result for heather hyer His victim, Ms. Hyer, is the new martyr for the far-left.  She wasn’t ANTIFA.  She was just another liberal-progressive caught up in our loony times.

I can’t answer why Mr. Fields rammed his car through a crowd of angry protestors.  Maybe, it’s because the police haven’t done anything to stop them.  This madness has been going on since November.  These people have gone way past their First Amendment rights.  The left has turned violent.  It was only a matter of time before someone snapped and took the law into their own hands.

How did the MSM report it?  According to them, “the Nazi’s and white supremacists” were the violent ones. Note:  the official “Nazi Party” ended in 1945.  The neo-Nazis are a small fringe group.  Pretty much the same thing for the Ku Klux Klan.  ANTIFA, on the other hand, are well-funded and very much alive.  Follow their money.  It probably leads right up to the DNC.  I’m sure sore loser Hillary Clinton and our abdicated Muslim king Barack Obama have a hand in these protests.

I watched ABC News cover Heather’s funeral.  The reporting was so ridiculous, it would seem more appropriate for SNL.  The “peaceful” crowd were armed with “pink bats and helmets”, just in case those evil “Nazis” showed up.  They didn’t show up because they don’t exist.  Her wild-eyed mother gave the eulogy and it’s not hard to see why her daughter went off the rails.  The MSM have decided that if you’re for Trump, you’re a Nazi white supremacist.

The reality is, this is a battle for what kind of country we want to live in:  A free nation or a socialist, communist dictatorship.  The choice is yours, based on whether you are going to allow the Democratic Party to steal our victory.

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Trump Must be Psychic!

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“George Washington was a slave owner.  So will George Washington lose his status?  Are we gonna take down statues of Thomas Jefferson?  Do you like him, because he was a major slave owner.  Are we gonna take down his statue?  So, it’s fine.  You’re changing history, you’re changing culture.”  Pres. Donald Trump

The President also commented on the violence.  “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, alt-right?  Do they have any semblance of guilt?  What about the fact that they came charging with clubs in their hands, swinging clubs, do they have any problem?  I thing they do.”

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(Photos above:  Lincoln Memorial spray-painted.)

For Democrats, First Amendment be damned, first they went after and took down the Confederate flag.  Next, went statues of former Confederate leaders.  Now, they’re going after our Founding Fathers.  Again, the Democratic Party owns this.  This is why they lost in 2016 and this is why they will lose in 2020.  The DNC and the MSM are supremely out of touch with real Americans.  They’re great with fringe groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.  But, with the Average Joe or Jane who works hard, pays their taxes, goes to church – they marginalize them.

Blacks (some, not all) are also stuck with this issue.  Too many black are stuck in the late 1950’s-early 60’s, in a tragic state of arrested development.  They cannot get past those times or get over themselves.  No matter how much the white liberal bows or kowtows to their demands – it’s simply never enough.  Putting an inexperienced, black, junior senator in as President wasn’t enough.  Putting blacks all over the MSM, movies, TV, news, etcetera isn’t enough.  Giving every black man a burgundy Cadillac, a gold Rolex and a big-boobed blonde isn’t enough.  (Okay, maybe that’s enough.)

Destroying America’s history, destroying our past, to rebuild it into a Communist Wonderland is what the Left have in mind.  Don’t kid yourself.  They will go after all that is sacred to erect their false ideology.  And what bothers them most is the election of Pres. Donald J. Trump.

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