President Trump Kicks Trangendered Out of the Military

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July 26, 2017.  Pres. Trump announced that transgendered individuals who don’t know who they are or which sex they were meant for are no longer welcome in the U.S. armed services.  Perhaps it is because of the provision Obama put in saying the gov’t is responsible for paying for their sex-reassignment surgeries.  Or maybe it will become too confusing as to which barracks the men/women/trans will go.  Which latrine?  Maybe we should worry about killing the enemy and not about the current perverted social issues of the day.

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Police Blame Justine Damond for her own Death

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Minneapolis police investigators have stated that “A woman” meaning Justine Damond slapped the back of the police car arriving for her 911 complaint.  Shortly thereafter, “the female became deceased in the alley”, but it’s unknown to them how it happened.  Gee, maybe the Tooth Fairy did it.

The real killer, police officer Mohammed Noor still refuses to release an official statement; however, the new police chief stated they are not to blame.

Noor’s partner, Officer Harrity has said, Noor inexplicably fired three shots into Damond’s stomach, killing her on the scene.

The Minneapolis Muslim community has rushed to Noor’s defense saying the fact that he’s a immigrant Muslim from Somalia had nothing to do with it.

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Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns; Mayor Next?

  Protests spark justice for Justine Damond, murder victim of Mohammed Noor. Police Chief Janee Harteau, in a 7/20 press conference said “Justine Damond should not have died” and indicated blame belonged with the police. The next day, she was fired. Noor, who refuses to make an official statement, has said within the Muslim community that Ms. Damond startled him – that is why he killed her. On Friday, Mayor Betsy Hodges (who praised Noor last year), met protests. The press conference was shut down.

MUSLIM IMMIGRANT COP MURDERS WOMAN – Police “afraid” of loud noise

Murderer Mohammed Noor, victim Justine Damond

July 15, 2017, Minneapolis, MN.  For no apparent reason, police officer Mohammed Noor shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk Damond, who was giving information to his partner Officer Matthew Harrity on the whereabouts of a possible rape nearby.  Harrity was “stunned” when Noor opened fire on the woman wearing pajamas.  Australian Damond, age 40, was a meditation/yoga instructor who was engaged to be married.  Noor, a Somali immigrant has had three formal complaints, the last being for assault and battery on a woman.

Q.  What was the real motive for this killing?  That a woman appeared “uncovered” and Noor carried out his own version of Sharia Law?  That Ms. Damond wasn’t wearing a bra?  That she dared go outside in “skimpy” attire?  A.  If so, Noor should be put on trial, and if found guilty, executed.  If I was in charge, it would be done already.  Instead, the mayor and the police chief (both women, if that means anything) have issued weak useless statements.

The MSM have looked for any way to exonerate Noor, now saying “a loud noise frightened them”  and “they thought it was an ambush.”  Bullshit.  If the police are afraid of loud noises, they shouldn’t be police.  The alley was well lit.  You cannot open fire on someone just because of a loud noise.  Also, there is the “she startled them” theory which is crap.  Ms. Damond was already in a conversation with Harrity.  How could she have startled them?

What does it take for the public to actually do something and destroy the enemy within?

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More CLINTON News (Plagiarism, Midterms)

  Chelsea Clinton is being sued for $150,000 for plagiarism. Her book, “She Persisted” (a women’s lib children’s story), has come under new scrutiny – author Christopher Janes Kimberly claims he wrote it a few years ago.  (Or that Chelsea’s ghostwriter stole it.)  Coincidently, “persist” is part of Hillary Clinton’s comeback slogan.

  Hillary Clinton has announced her plans to be involved with the 2018 mid-term elections.  The DNC’s officials stance is that HRC is welcome to participate, but it’s time for others to dominate.

Opinion:  In the fantasy world Hillary lives in, she believes she will run again and win in 2020.  2018 is just another opportunity for her to stick her ugly face in the cameras, another chance to see if the Democrats still love her.  They may feel sorry for her; however, any rational person would say that it’s time for Mrs. C to go away.

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