Margot Kidder Dead

Image result for images, margot kidder young   Actress Margot Kidder died May 13, 2018 at age 69 of undetermined causes.

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Polanski’s Komeda

Krzysztof Komeda vol.14.jpg Krzysztof Komeda was best known as the composer for the early films of director Roman Polanski.  His life was cut short by a fatal accidental injury which took his life on April 23, 1969.  Some called it part of the “Rosemary’s Baby” curse.

The first time I heard one of Komeda’s scores was in MGM’s “The Fearless Vampire Killers” (Or; Pardon Me, but Your Teeth are in my Neck (1967.)  In this dark-humored farce, Polanski (as Alfred) is irresistibly drawn by the beautiful charms of Sarah (Sharon Tate.)  The music is a quasi-baroque theme matched perfectly by the ironic conclusion.

Next, Paramount’s “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968).  Like Hitchcock, Roman Polanski inserts comedy among the grimmest of circumstances.  The opening lullaby (composed by Beethoven) is sung by Mia Farrow, eerily foretelling the proceedings.  (Plot:  A chic Manhattan couple find themselves amidst a coven of witches in the famed Dakota apartment building.)

Komeda’s last work was for “Riot” (1969), starring Jim Brown and Gene Hackman.  The director was Buzz Kulik.  Komeda wrote the music for “100 Years”.  Lyric by Robert Wells.

Who knows what direction Roman Polanski’s films would’ve taken if his favorite composer had lived?

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Verne Troyer (MINI-ME) Suicide

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Actor Verne Troyer Dead at 49

Actor Verne Troyer, who appeared as “Mini-Me” in Austin Powers “The Spy Who Shagged Me” and “Goldmember” is dead.

Three weeks prior, he had been diagnosed as “suicidal” and “depressed”.  Consequently, he was forcibly placed in a mental health care facility.  His last YouTube video was on his worst “pet-peeves”.  “I don’t like it when people pat me on the head.”

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TSA searches Verne Troyer at airport security.

I recall a few years ago, the British newspaper known as the “Daily Mail” posted the above photo.   After all, nothing says terrorism more than a 2 foot, 8 inch dwarf.  What kind of insanity would cause them to do that?

In “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”, Verne was put in a cage and made monkey noises.  Is it any wonder he ended up like this?

Now he’s not around anymore to be tormented and laughed at, until there is somebody else.

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ABC’s “The View” Ridicules VP Mike Pence’s Christianity

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Cast member of “The View”

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Vice-President Mike Pence

Ex-Trump flunky Omarosa commented on “Celebrity Big Brother” that “Vice-President Mike Pence is an extremist Christian, who thinks Jesus talks to him.”  “The View” (ABC’s all-female opinion show), decided to also go on the attack.

Joy Behar stated that “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus.  It’s another to say Jesus talks to you.  Hearing voices…that’s mental illness.”

Sunny Hostin said, “I don’t want my vice-president speaking in tongues.”  (Referred to in the New Testament Acts Ch. 2, a gift of the Holy Spirit to the disciples.)

What happened to America?  After eight years of a closeted Muslim president has everyone gone nuts?  Do you think anyone on “The View” would criticize any religion except Christianity?  With the sole exception of Meghan McCain, they all that it was oh so funny that Mike Pence is a God-fearing Christian.  And since when is a disgruntled fired employee’s  opinion worth anything?  Let Mike Pence speak for himself.

Some reading this will say “So what?  Who cares about these TV programs?”  A lot of women do.  It’s dawning on the MSM that one day Mike Pence might be the president.  That’s why they are creating an image of him as a fanatical madman.

Q.  Whom would you trust to run our country in the future – the steady hand of a strong leader like Mike Pence?  Or…

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Oprah Winfrey

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Joe Biden


Ally Sheedy’s Revenge on James Franco Results in Oscar Snub

See the source image  Actress Ally Sheedy, an ex-Brat Packer who has since fallen on hard times, has found a new claim to fame as part of the “MeToo – Time’s Up” bowel movement.  On 1/7/18, she issued a tweet, attacking actor James Franco, who had just won a Golden Globe for Best Actor.

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In that tweet, she issued no specific allegation.  It’s all by implication.  Supposedly, a play they had done earlier had caused her to quit acting.  Let me state that acting had already quit her.  She hasn’t had any success since her lesbian (coming  out?) feature titled “High Art”.  [Success among the LGBTQ crowd, that is.]   High Art DVD (1998) Starring Ally Sheedy & Radha Mitchell; Directed by Lisa Cholodenko ...  Ally Sheedy is years past it and she knows it.  Best to grab some spotlight thru vauge allegations on a real celebrity.

James Franco, when questioned by Stephen Colbert, said he did not know what Ms. Sheedy was tweeting about.  He continued on by saying that if he had done anything wrong in the past, he would try to make right.

This, apparently, wasn’t good enough for the Academy Award voters, who nearly shut out Franco’s film “The Disaster Artist”.  It received only one nomination for “Best Adaptive Screenplay”.

Award shows have become showcases for activism.  The films themselves must take a back seat to whatever ultra-left wing cause comes down the pike.  The tip-off is in the rest of Sheedy’s rant, where she writes “Why is a man hosting?”

In this Trump-era, where real America stood up and voted against a radical feminist ideology, it’s indicative of the left to take a sore loser mentality and act out in destructive ways.

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One Hour Photo (2002) Review

One Hour Photo movie.jpg

This is Robin Williams as we’ve never seen him before.

In “Insomnia”, (2002) with Al Pacino, he played a writer turned killer.  This became a cop drama, a cat-and-mouse game with a showy performance by Pacino.


In “One Hour Photo”, Williams doesn’t share star billing and he owns this.

“1-Hour” is what I would call, events that could occur in real life.  What makes it so real?  “Sy” Parrish (Robin Williams) is like a million other people.  A face in the crowd; a colorless individual who doesn’t stand out.  What goes on in the minds of people who aren’t noticed?

PLOT.  Sy Parris works at a mammoth superstore called “SavMart”, behind the photo counter.  We soon learn that he is an obsessive perfectionist, producing high quality work.  A “slight .3 blue shift to cyan” bothers him enough to cause a major argument with an AGFA repairman.  During lunch, the store manager (well played by Gary Cole) notices Sy “spacing out”, drifting off into a daydream world.  What is Sy thinking about?

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In his mind, is the Yorkin family, his idolized, adopted, photo family.  Because Sy is privy to people’s private moments, (moments that he would be locked out of otherwise), he begins to imagine himself as part of their lives.  From the duplicate photos he’s pasted on his entire wall, he’s documented everything and, even worse, he fantasizes himself in the photos as “Uncle Sy”.

Sy attempts contact with Nina (the wife and mother) and Jake Yorkin (the son), played by Connie Nielson and Dylan Smith.  He give Jake a free “throwaway” camera.  He just happens to meet up with Nina at the food court where he’s reading her favorite book.  He drives to their house and imagines himself inside, enjoying himself inside “paradise”.

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It’s a different story when he meets Will Yorkin, the father/husband.  (Michael Vartan.)  Will  is cordial, but thinks Sy is odd.  Under his breath, he tells his son not to talk to strangers, meaning Sy.  Sy buys Jake an action figure which Jake cannot accept.  This figure, holding a silver sword, becomes a totem – a symbol of revenge for Sy.

Sy’s house of cards begins to crash down when the store manager notices missing film chemicals, those used in the duplicate pictures.  Sy is fired, effective at the end of the week.  When he’s told, it’s as if his “family” has been killed.

Image result for one hour photo 2002 Through coincidental circumstances, a girl he’s seen before (Erin Daniels as Maya Burson), brings in some film for developing.  As it turns out, she’s having an affair with Will Yorkin, as Sy discovers within her photos.  He swaps envelopes with Nina’s, so she becomes aware of it.  Following them home, Sy watches, waiting for the big argument, which doesn’t come.

Frustrated, Sy turns his attentions on the manager’s daughter, who he photographs through a zoom lens as she plays on the front lawn.  These are the last photos he has developed at SavMart and Bill the manager gets the message.  Police are called into Sy’s apartment, where they discover all his photos with Will’s face scratched out.  Sy isn’t there.  He is at the hotel, where Will and Maya meet for the final confrontation.

Kudos to 20th Century-Fox and director/writer Mark Romanek for giving Mr. Williams this role, which easily could have gone to a dramatic actor.  Williams really brings out the humanity of this character, a tragic man who has fallen through the cracks.  If you notice, most of Sy’s customers don’t even look at him and he is keenly aware of it.  In these modern times, technology has forced a major disconnect between people.  I’d expect there are a lot of Sy Parrishs out there.

“One Hour Photo” is a quiet film, ominous with subtle effects, muted tones and an eerie, electronic background score.  That is why it slowly gets under your skin, unlike other loud, deafening “thrillers”.  That is also why “1 Hour” probably didn’t receive any Oscar nominations, as these types of films usually don’t.

I remember when “The Shootist” came out, Regin Philbin did a review.  He describes it as the film we’ve been waiting for, the movie John Wayne almost didn’t make and the one we’ll always remember him for.

The same could be said for this.

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