Eric Bolling’s Son Murdered?

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Eric Bolling (former co-host of “The Five”) with his recently deceased son, Eric Chase Bolling, 19.

One day following the firing of Fox News reporter Eric Bolling, his son Eric Chase Bolling, age 19, was found dead from a drug overdose.  How does this add up to murder?

One.  Eric Bolling was on “the list”.  This list contains those who the far-left want removed from the mainstream media.  On top of that list was Bill O’Reilly.  Another is Sean Hannity, who verifies there are people who want him removed.  There are many more.

Two.  Eric Bolling was fired from FoxNews for allegedly sending pictures of male genitals from his cell phone to three female employees of Fox News.   Bolling denies it.  The fact is Smartphones can be hacked.  Also, those involved in the conspiracy at first said it was a picture of Bolling’s penis.  Now it has changed to “just pictures”.  Whenever someone story changes, it means they’re lying.

Three.  The death of his son occurs the following day of his dismissal.  This is a clear message from those behind this.  Bolling’s family should hire a private investigator to find out where the drugs came from and who were the people he saw last.

Four.  Democrats have aligned themselves with a criminal element.  Look at their former Presidential candidate.  The Clintons have had enough people killed to fill a cemetery.  ANTIFA is an arm of the left.  What about their violence?  How far does this have to go until people realize what is going on?

Five.  The MSM is trying to brand this death as a “suicide” – with no evidence.  When politicians have people killed, it is often called a suicide, with no investigation.  It is not believable for anyone to kill themselves over a fraudulent charge involving their parents.

Six.  Fox News is getting rid of their conservative format and that entails getting rid of their most conservative reporters.  Both O’Reilly and Bolling were fired before their cases were proven in court.

With the election of Donald Trump, we are living in dangerous times for those who oppose our President.  They will stop at nothing to renew their agenda, i.e., creating a Socialist welfare state with a crippled military and open borders to “dreamers” who want to turn us into a third-world nation.

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Generally, a theatrical film isn’t changed for a DVD release.  If it is, the public is warned, “Director’s Cut”, e.g..  Not so for three Elvis Presley movies.

Change of Habit 1969 Poster.jpg  The first and worst example is “Change of Habit” (1969), where the King portrays Dr. John Carpenter, a doctor working in the ghetto.  He is joined by three nuns incognito.  (Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara McNair and Jane Elliot.)  In the plot, Dr. Elvis mistakenly believes the three women are there for abortions, which he refuses.  (It was illegal then.)  The punchline?  He asks them “By the way, was it the same guy?”  This scene was cut by Universal, I presume, so that people don’t know abortion was once considered a bad thing.

Elvisontour.jpg Next, “Elvis on Tour” (1972), is a documentary released by MGM.  Today, it’s owned by Warner Bros.  The original song over the title credits was “Johnny B. Goode”.  It’s been replaced by “Don’t be Cruel”.  Now, we can argue back and forth about Elvis being on something while singing “Johnny B. Goode”.  I don’t care.  Elvis on chemical substances is still ten times better than the singers of today.  “Elvis on Tour” is not the same without this song.

This is elvis.jpg  Finally, “This is Elvis” (1981) is an excellent retrospective of the King’s career:  part documentary-part reenactment.  Towards the conclusion, Elvis sings “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” which has been removed for the “Special Edition” at the request of his estate.  (His ex-wife?  His daughter?)  This song was cut because Elvis forgets the words at one point.  It does show, however, Elvis at the end of his rope, raw and unvarnished.

Likewise, CBS would cut “Unchained Melody” from “Elvis in Concert” (1977), a real shocker.

It is unforgiveable in this day and age to edit out, whitewash, a part of rock and roll history.  If this article does any good, Universal and Warner Bros. will restore these films UNCUT.

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Jerry Lewis Dead

Jerry Lewis  Comedian Jerry Lewis died on August 20, 2017 at the age of 91 from natural causes in his Las Vegas home.  He made fifty feature films, mostly comedies, except for “The King of Comedy” (1983) and “Max Rose” (2016), his last.  “The Day the Clown Cried” (1972) remains the holy grail of unreleased movies – Jerry’s ode to the Holocaust.

Jerry Lewis Telethon 1970's.png  For 44 years, Jerry hosted the MDA Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.  He was unceremoniously fired in 2011 for not agreeing to a shortened, modernized revolving-host format.  Without him, the telethon lasted only four years.  (2011-2014.)

For whatever reason, many hated Jerry.  They hated the telethon, they hated his TV shows, his films.  I guess there are some folks who hate Christmas too.

Errandboy.jpg  Thepatsy.jpgMy personal favorite films were “The Errand Boy” (1961) and “The Patsy” (1964.)

  "Jerry Lewis in The Family Jewels" Stickers by Art Cinema ...My favorite scene comes from “The Family Jewels” (1965), where he portrays the most evil, rotten clown of all time.

He is gone now.  A remnant of Hollywood’s golden age.  He’s been replaced by filthy-minded people I wouldn’t break bread with.

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6/23/17.  Glastonbury, U.K.  While at the “Cinemageddon” film festival in Great Britain, actor Johnny Depp asked, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”  Depp “clarified” that he was not an “actor”, but a “liar”.  Then continued by saying, “It’s been a while and maybe it’s about time.”

Depp is referring to the assassination of Pres. Lincoln by actor John Wilkes Booth.

Why is Depp’s comment worth noting?

One.  Mr. Depp is a member of the Illuminati.  The Illuminati believe that if you warn your victim before the attack, you are held blameless in the afterlife.

Two.  Depp is not just another airhead Hollywood entertainer.  He may be posing as one.  He knows better.  To make such a joke is career damaging.  This means he was forced or obligated to say it by those higher up on the Illuminati food chain.

Three.  Depp’s apology, meaningless, of course is done to calm down the nervous soccer moms taking their kiddies to see his new movie.  “Pirates of the Caribbean – Part 5” is  produced by Disney.  (Walt Disney was a thirty-three degree Mason.)

Four.  Depp’s performances are done by channeling unclean spirits.  When you watch him on the screen, is it really him?  Or a demonic entity working its way thru him?

Five.  Depp’s joke predicts Pres. Trump will be assassinated in his second term (like Lincoln.)

What I believe.  Despite all the liberal carping, despite all the paid-for marches, despite the MSM’s “Russia, Russia, Russia”, (orchestrated by H. Clinton), despite all this, I believe Trump will be re-elected.

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The Dems continue to provoke, display bad behavior, are poor sports and can never admit when they’re wrong.   So far, I haven’t hear of one presidential candidate mentioned (Biden, Warren, Clinton) who can beat Trump.  They’re all old-school losers.

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Julius Caesar vs. Laura Loomer

6-16-17.  NYC, “Julius Caesar” (Shakespeare in the Park)

Conservative activist Laura Loomer interrupted the stage production of “Julius Caesar” screaming:  “Stop the normalization of political violence against the right,” “This promotes violence against Donald Trump,” and called them “Nazis.”  The actor who portrays Julius Caesar is a Trump lookalike, who, in the play, is stabbed to death.

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Laura Loomer storms the stage.

Ms. Loomer was arrested.

What’s wrong with this picture?  You have to ask yourself:  What would happen if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton were being killed (symbolically) before an approving audience.  My guess is, it wouldn’t last more than one performance.  You’d have swarms of violent protests.  Ms. Loomer was arrested, when the violent protestors at Berkeley were allowed to roam free.

Some thought (I didn’t) that the play would be cancelled after the shooting of Rep. Scalise.  I knew they wouldn’t have the class.  They’re pure scum.

The left are arguing this is a First Amendment issue.  I argue that this play is being deliberately staged to provoke an assassination.  Therefore, it is a direct threat to the life of the President.

A boycott of the sponsors might help.  Time/Warner and the New York Times should be ashamed of themselves.

We need more Laura Loomers.  If we did, this loathsome play called “art” by the snickering left, would be cancelled.  (The following video is from “Inside Edition”.)

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