Notice from EricReportsNews

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Since I posted an article titled “Remember 9/11?  (Muslim Immigrant Hijackers)”, my views on this website have become much lower.  Is this a coincidence?  This happened before on YouTube.  Explain how a video can receive nearly one million views and another can’t break 400?  Others on YouTube have complained about being pushed to the back pages.

Q.  Did my article touch a raw nerve among the controllers?  Am I being penalized?  Why?  Because Muslims are now considered a “protected minority”?  That’s Obama’s way.  We have a new president now.  And Pres. Trump said we have to stop allowing hoards of immigrants into our country who may not have our best interests at heart.

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If you care about free speech, if you read or follow EricReportsNews, start sharing it on other social networks.  It’s easy to do if you go to the end of the article.

Eventually it may become pointless for the citizen journalist to write, if they are continually blocked when they start gaining popularity.


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