John “Skippy” Podesta: Secret Video of Torture?

Video titled “Comparing John Podesta’s voice to voice heard in disturbing leaked video” is posted by sheilaaliens on YouTube

Original video source WorldCorp.  A video has surfaced with a recording of what sounds like John Podesta (former advisor to the Clintons and Pres. Obama), torturing a child.  The murky lighting makes it difficult to see, however; some have identified it as “Comet Ping Pong Pizza”, a rumored hangout for pedophiles, located in Wash, D.C.

Q.  What proof is there that this is John Podesta?  A.  According to an article from the Huffington Post, John Podesta admits to having an evil alter-ego named “Skippy”.

In the video, the voice refers to himself as “John Podes—“, “Skippy” and “father”.   It sounds like Podesta.  In order to prove it, a voice print analysis would have to be done by the FBI.

It should be noted that Hillary Clinton had planned on appointing him as Secretary of State, if she’d been elected president.

Recently, Podesta has refuted the claims of “Pizzagate”, blaming it on fake news from Alex Jones (InfoWars) and Pres. Trump.  He, and other in the Clinton camp, also insist that “Russian hackers helped Trump get elected.”  (No evidence provided.)

Where is the mainstream media in all of this?  The Washington Post has hired John Podesta as one of their columnists.

Image result for images, john podesta, satanist and pedophile

Text (C) 2017 – ERN


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