ISIS Truck Attack in Berlin/Assassination in Turkey

Image result for berlin truck attack december 19, 2016

Breitscheidplatz Christmas market attack

Dec. 19, 2016, Berlin, Germany.  An Islamic terrorist murdered twelve people Monday, by crashing a stolen truck through a crowd of Christmas shoppers.  The man is one of Angela Merkel’s “refugees”.  Merkel can be compared to Hillary Clinton, another insane politician intent on bringing down Western civilization.

Image result for angela merkel ruined germany

Image result for russian diplomat assassinated in turkey

Istanbul, Turkey.  While making a speech at a photo gallery, Russian diplomat Andrei Karlov was shot to death by an off-duty policeman screaming “Allahu Akbar.”  Three others were wounded.  The assassin was killed by police.

This occurred days after Pres. Obama promised retribution on Russia for “interfering with U.S. elections.”  No word yet from the MSM on the coincidence.  There is also no doubt this was an inside job.

Text © 2016 – ERN


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