Democrats, it’s time to eat your sandwich


Despite the most low and underhanded efforts of those trying to overturn the election, it is time for all you Democrats to eat your shit sandwich.  Take a big bite.  It’s gotta last you for at least four years.  Yes, you cry-baby motherfuckers, you trash professional students, you pot-smoking old farts, you MSM suck-offs, you devil-worshipping globalists.  Eat your shit sandwich and like it.  Why?  Because real Americans were forced to eat it for eight years, while a spoiled rotten, red diaper doper baby, Marxist Muslim bastard, wrecked havoc here and all over the world.

Before Obama, we had no ISIL and ISIS.  We had no Islamic Europe.  We had no “white privilege” or “Black Lives Matter”.  We didn’t have Muslim training camps in all fifty states.  We weren’t waging war in Syria and Libya.  We hadn’t had shootings in Orlando and San Bernardino.  We didn’t have a nationwide gay marriage law.  We didn’t have a President praying to Allah three times a day in secret rooms in the White House.

Regardless of all that, left-wing academics are all shook up that Obama is leaving.  Where is Mr. O going?  Comet Ping-Pong Pizza?  I’ve heard he hangs out there.  Maybe, he can have lunch with Hillary.

Image result for images, obama at comet ping pong pizza

Pizzagate is not “fake news”, it is real.

Text © 2016 – ERN


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