Image result for images, julian assange, wikileaks Image result for images, julian assange, wikileaks

Nov. 2010.  As Secretary of State, current Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton asked Obama’s officials about droning WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, describing him as a “soft target”.  “Can’t we just drone this guy?” may become the quote of 2016.

thtfo5gwlfFrom WikiLeaks

News of this startling report has delayed WikiLeaks from revealing information on HRC – info that could ruin her candidacy.  And yet, this report by itself is proof enough of her treachery.  The big question:  Is this who America wants as their next president?  Assange reveals the truth about political corruption and must live cloistered in London – fearing death – while Hillary smiles to her fooled audiences.

THIS WOMAN IS A MURDERER.  I’ve been saying this for years.  Whose idea do you think it was to burn down the Branch-Davidians in Waco?  Whose idea was it to topple the Libyan regime and kill Gadhafi?  Who voted yes for the Iraq War?

There’s an old saying that if women ran the world, there would be no war.  Whoever said it, never met Hillary Clinton.  She has already proposed new wars with Iran and Russia.

The U.S. is in a precarious position.  I truly believe if the American people are insane enough to make her president, we will have reached our final chapter.

Text © 2016 – ERN  (Image from truthuncensored.net)


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