Debate 1 – Excursion into Hell

Image result for images, hillary clinton as the devilImage result for images, donald trump debate 1

Donald Trump vs. the devil.  Republicans chose Mr. Trump to crush Mrs. Clinton, not play verbal volleyball.  He’s getting bad advice from his advisors.  With all her corruption and scandals, not to go full-out on her was beyond belief.  It took over an hour before Trump finally said anything that hurt the Great Satan Hillary…that is, how she, the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz stole the nomination away from Bernie Sanders.  That wiped the crooked smile off her face.  Yes, there were other moments, such as when he said he would show his tax returns when she showed her 33,000 deleted emails, but–

Hillary Clinton, feminist, painted a dark portrait of Donald Trump – a man who doesn’t pay his taxes, hates women and blacks, inherited his money, wants to blow up the world, etc.

This was his big chance to destroy the political career of HRC and he didn’t do it.  My only theory is this.  Now that, Mr. T is a member of the “club”, he can’t mention those toxic issues that would bring her down.  Namely:

The Clinton death list.

The Clinton Foundation money laundering scheme.  (They outright stole the Haitian relief funds.)

The Clintons are waist-deep in Arab $.

Her medical records.

Clinton’s plan to control the Internet.  (If she wins, this website is gone.)

Clinton’s plan to ban all religious teaching that says abortion is wrong.

Benghazi – having Gadhafi killed – ruining Libya.  “We came, we saw, he died!”  (laughs)

Mrs. C brags about the Clinton 90’s.  Anybody remember her husband’s impeachment in the House of Representatives?  That he was nearly thrown out of office for obstruction of justice, witness tampering and hiding evidence?  Another missed point.

Trump brought up ISIS.  HRC just grinned knowing no one believe him and how her cohort in crime Obama helped create them.

It was bad, very bad.  Only Trump knows what happened.  He’d better win the next two debates, hands down, or we’re going to end what was the greatest nation of all time.

Hillary’s Mistakes – You won’t hear anything negative about the evil queen from the MSM.  Here’s what she did wrong.

Image result for images, hillary clinton red pant suit at the debate with trumpImage result for images, cartoon red devil

The solid red pant-suit.  Hillary looked like the devil.  Red – the color of fire and blood.  Feminists think this is a “power color”.  It just made her look even more diabolical.

Image result for images, rosie odonnell picking her nose  Towards the end, Hillary brings up the old insults of Rosie O’Donnell.  “Y’know, Donald Trump calls women pigs, slobs and dogs.”  If Rosie O’Donnell stands for all women, we’re in big trouble.  This made H look childish, mean and dumb.

Image result for images, smug smile hillary clinton at debate 1 Her usual condescending tone, smug smile, bragging about thirty years of experience.  “Bad experience”, Trump called it.

Democrats reside on the left.  Satanists call their lifestyle, “the left-handed way.”  That’s what this is all about, folks.

Breaking News from Victurus Libertas on YouTube.  “BUSTED!!!  Hillary Clinton wearing a wire and earpiece for Hofstra debate?”



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