Image result for images, stupid hillary clinton  Election 2016.  Whomever wins, many millions will be voting for Dem. Hillary Clinton for various reasons.  These people are more than ignorant.  They are willfully dumb.  Stupid.

If you’re voting for HRC because she’s for women’s rights, you are helping an enabler, a cover-up artist.  Bill Clinton is a sex-offender, a rapist.

Image result for images, female victims of bill clintonImage result for images, female victims of bill clinton

Hillary Clinton has sold out to Wall Street and worse for Arab-Muslim funding.  The Clinton Foundation is the biggest charity rip-off of all time.

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy (as Secretary of State) was a disaster.  She turned Libya into a haven for terrorists, murdered its leader Muammar Gaddafi and set the stage for Benghazi.

Hillary says she’s for children’s rights and yet she’s for partial-birth abortion (right up to the ninth month) because, in her words, “It’s the law.”

Hillary is not for free speech.  According to her, “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.”  (Or whatever she deems to be hate speech.)

She wants the Second Amendment changed to what Australian law is.  (A gov’t buy-back gun grab.)  Criminals don’t care what the law is.  She’s really taking guns away from law-abiding Americans.  Citizens, if we lose the First and Second Amendments, America is gone.  The 1990’s were one Clinton scandal after another, culminating in a vote for impeachment by the House of Representatives.  (The Senate chickened out.)  Do you want to repeat that?  When does this nightmare end?  First, eight years of Obama; then, Hillary Clinton?  It’s worth noting that if she’s elected, it’s not for one term.  She’ll own the system for two terms.  Worst of all, HRC wants to bring 65,000 Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, some of whom are terrorists.  Obama-Clinton are turning us into a third-rate, third world, one-party, Socialist dictatorship.  If you’re a Democrat and can’t vote for Trump, don’t vote at all.  Our nation cannot survive a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency.

Article Text © 2016 – ERN

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