Hillary Clinton Set for Brain Surgery

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Due to the upcoming debates with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is preparing for an urgent medical procedure in an attempt to halt her epileptic seizures.  According to reports, HRC’s attacks are being brought on by stress, over-stimulation of the brain and a blood-clot/concussion in Dec. 2012.

Although the MSM had at first ignored Hillary’s health problems, two videos surfaced on the Internet, proving her mental condition.

Nevertheless, the media is downplaying her illness as a “conspiracy theory”.  There is a mainstream media blackout for this and anything else that would jeopardize her campaign.

Hillary’s greatest fear is that she will lose control of her mental faculties during the scheduled debates.  This would effectively prove she is medically unfit for America’s highest office.  Link below:



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4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Set for Brain Surgery

  1. Thanks for your response, Hillary Clinton troll. Millions of Americans disagree, and if it were “harmless”, why the MSM blackout? HRC is not the type to do this as a “joke”. You can see she cannot control herself. She is falling apart.


    • Mrs. Clinton hasn’t had a neurological exam since 2013. Obama’s doctor (in an interview) said she needs one for 2016. The MSM doesn’t call them seizures because they back HRC 100%. She has fits, blackouts, memory loss, depression and rage. Not a good candidate for president.


      • Gee, any other patient with a past history of concussion gets neuro re-evaluations as part of their physicals EVERY year. That’s why Dr. Bardack would recommend one for this year too. But you, with all your medical credential, are sure she hasn’t had them?

        Tell me again when your office hours are, so I can steer patients to someone more qualified.


        • Bardack describes H as being in “excellent health”. A woman pushing 69 who can barely walk upstairs, needs help standing and hides her medical history. Bardack is paid off. Her 2012 incident (blood clot on the brain, thrombosis, double-vision) resulted in a 6 month hospital stay. MSM cover up. Plus, a campaign built on a hatred for Donald Trump. If that’s your choice for President, that’s your problem.


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