Gorilla Killed for No Reason?

Harambe cradles fallen boy.

May 29, 2016, Cincinnati Zoo.  A four-year old child falls into an animal cage containing Harambe, a rare silver-back gorilla.  At first, the ape seems protective of the boy, until the shrieks of women alarm him.  He drags the boy across some shallow water and yet there are no violent gestures.  Nevertheless, zoo officials order gunmen to shoot and kill the ape.

What was the right thing to do?

The mainstream media sides with the zoo, i.e., the establishment.  Those on the Internet either blame the mother for not watching her child or the zoo for being trigger-happy.

  It needs to be brought out that Harambe was tame and brought up by humans.  Still, experts such as Jack Hannah, said the ape was ready to tear the boy apart.  (As part of the establishment, he was paid to say that.)  Zoo officials state they would do it all again.)

Ask yourself:  Why, in 2016, we use the same methods for animal control from hundreds of years ago?  Couldn’t a tranquilizing gun have been used?  Or coaxing the gorilla with food?  Zoo officials gave out their own [false] story about what happened, until a cell-phone video proved the ape was harmless?  I find it interesting in a country that allows abortion up to the ninth month, that suddenly people are all falling down about “the welfare of the child.”

The bigger picture is that the establishment (police)  also use the same methods to control the public.  Yes, we’re living in the 21st century, but the same “wild west” techniques are used when people get out of hand.  Beat them down and shoot them to death.

Text (C) 2016 – ERN



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