Best Music Videos Ever

Click links below…In reverse order…

Christina Perri sings “A Thousand Years”  (Video by Christina Perri)

[Alternate video of the same song is by MsLittlePets – Goodbye Moki]

Serge Gainsbourough and Jane Birkin sing “Je T’aime, …moi non plus”  (Video by glivingston73)

The Carpenters sing “Hurting Each Other”  (Video by CarpentersVEVO)

Petula Clark sings “A Fool on the Hill”  (Video by Enio Giacomini de Sales)

Elvis Presley sings “A Little Less Conversation”  (Video by videomolly)

Bananarama sings “The Wild Life”  (Video by RHINO)

Sheena Easton sings “You Could Have Been with Me”  (video by Ignazio Deddu)

Prince sings “Little Red Corvette”  (video by cajunmaster03)

Nine Inch Nails sings “Hurt”  (Video by NineInchNailsVEVO)

Sarah Brightman sings “Who Wants to Live Forever”  (audio by Sarah Brightman – Topic)


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