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Prince Dead at age 57

Rock star Prince Rogers Nelson’s sudden death raises questions as to how it happened and why.

4-15-2016, Moline, Ill.  A week earlier, Prince was treated for a near fatal drug overdose.  Wouldn’t this be ample warning to stop taking whatever nearly killed him?  Publicists put out the lame excuse that Prince had the “flu”.

April 21, 2016.  7801 Audubon Road, Paisley Park studio/residence.  Prince’s body is found in an elevator.  The 9-1-1 call at 9:45 a.m. is from people who barely know where they are and can’t locate the address.  When asked how do they know Prince is dead, the answer is:  “I don’t know how I know.”  Somebody is lying.

May 2, 2016 Prince New Yorker cover  The New Yorker magazine already has their memorial cover all ready to go on the day he died.  Did they know beforehand?

TO THE RECORD INDUSTRY, WAS PRINCE MORE VALUABLE DEAD THAN ALIVE?  It was discovered in 1977 that when singer Elvis Presley died, sales for his recordings skyrocketed.  He became more profitable after his death.  Likewise, the same could be said for singer Michael Jackson.

Prince (who now recorded independently) snubbed the system, refused to use his own name, wrote “SLAVE” on his face and fought to get out of his contract.

  Perhaps, those who previously “owned him” believed they would make more money off of him AFTER DEATH.  True, it’s no great shock when a rock singer dies from drugs, but Prince, as of late, did not fit that profile.

The MSM, labeling him a “musical genius”, after ignoring him for years, begin the overdose rumors.

Q.  Was the April 15th near-death experience a first attempt to kill Prince?  Did he know it?

 On Oct. 30, 1993, actor River Phoenix died from a drug concoction named “Persian brown”.  The cut was too pure.  To give someone narcotics that aren’t reduced in strength is murder.

If Prince died from drugs, a full investigation should begin on how he received them and from who.  Why was he given the fatal dose?

The MSM (in conjunction with the industry that profits from this tragedy) may write it off as another sad end for a superstar.  In Prince’s case, this just doesn’t add up.

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