FAKES! Obama’s Easter message, MSM, John Kasich, moderate Muslims, gov’t curing global warming, RINOs dumping Trump

barack-obama-easter OBAMA’S EASTER MESSAGE.  The President wants us to “open our hearts” to the Muslim “refugees” he plans on bringing in by the tens of thousands.  On the exact same day, al-Qaeda blew up seventy Christians in Pakistan.  By opening our hearts, does he mean that literally?  Note:  Obama is secretly dumping Muslims in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Argentina is next.  How soon before they’re here?

stock-photo-mainstream-media-concept-word-cloud-background-201226415  thD7UPE1NN  MSM.  The biased media are at an all-time low.  Coverage of protestors attacking Trump supporters is blamed on Trump himself for “inciting” them.  The Democrats are stuck with two, old white people as their standard-bearers.  They must be racist.  Rachel Maddow wins the prize as worst reporter for 2016.

Kasich-NRD-600 JOHN KASICH.  RINO Gov. Kasich fake “everyman act” gets on my nerves.  He’s nothing but a spoiler, hoping for a brokered Republican convention.

radical-muslim-moderate-muslim  moderate-islam1MODERATE MUSLIMS.  After every terrorist event, we hear about “the majority of moderate Muslims, who condemn these terrible actions”…and then nothing happens.  The truth is – maybe, they don’t exist.

global-warming GOVERNMENT CURING GLOBAL WARMING.  The left-wing gov’t fanatics keep pushing the notion that our government has a cure-all solution for global warming.  Does a government that would turn hundreds of thousands of people into a cinder sound like someone who wants to help you? 

RINOS DUMPING TRUMP.  The kamikaze Republicans are really intent on losing the General Election by disqualifying Donald Trump, no matter how many delegates he has.  The RNC leaders blatantly say, “The voters don’t decide who the candidate is, we do.”  Newt Gingrich, when asked why this is happening said, “It’s because Donald Trump doesn’t belong to any of the secret societies.”  He’s right.  largeeye

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