The Black Oscars

   For the second year in a row, “African-American” actors were not nominated for an Academy Award.  In reaction, Jada Pinkett Smith, upset over her husband Will Smith not being nominated, called for black actors to boycott the show.  Also, the Motion Picture Academy has officially decided to let go many lifetime members for being too old and too white.  Ironically, it is incorrect that no blacks received an Oscar this year – director Spike Lee received an honorary award.  (He refused to attend.)  “Straight Outta Compton” was also nominated for “Best Screenplay”.

“Lack of diversity” was the theme of the Feb. 28th program.  Host Chris Rock scolded the audience with many satiric jabs.


The worst moment was when Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs pontificated on how it wasn’t enough to agree, that “inclusion makes us stronger” and that forced change was inevitable.

  British actress Charlotte Rampling received weak applause when her name was read from the list of “Best Actress” nominees.  She was one of the few to speak out against the Academy, saying, the reason black actors weren’t nominated was because they didn’t deserve it.

I expect a new quota system to begin next year – meaning blacks will be nominated or chosen to win based on their skin color.

The BET Awards, all blacks, all the time, does not have to abide by such rules of diversity.

Text (C) 2016 – Ericreportsnews


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