Is the War on Terror Over? (Farsi Island incident)

On 1-12-2016, a U.S. patrol boat wandered fifty miles into Iranian waters and was promptly captured. Nine men and one woman were held, humiliated and forced to apologize. The woman was made to wear a head-covering.  This all occurred, coincidently, on the day Pres. Obama made his last, formal address to the nation.  (He, of course, did not mention the incident.)

Is the War on Terror lost?

If the soldiers had been actors, such behavior would make sense.  What are their guns for?  What were they trained for?  Surrender?  How do you get lost by fifty miles?  Was this done on purpose?  Were they somehow forced into it? 

Our current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, is working for the enemy.  There’s no doubt his administration caused this to happen.  I think they enjoyed watching this defeat.  They relished it.  Sec’t of State John Kerry said we should be “grateful” for their release. 

What is the real motivation behind this?  Obama and his cohorts paid a ransom – billions of dollars of unfrozen Iranian assets, plus the release of more al-Qaeda prisoners from Gitmo.

The MSM have covered this up as a military blunder.  Anyway you look at it, it’s a disaster.  Everybody knows that with Obama as president, we’re nothing but a paper tiger.

Coming Soon! – Obama Antichrist 2

Text Copyright 2016 – EricReports


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