Hillary Clinton’s Bathroom Break

  12-19-2015, Democratic debate.  The characteristically punctual, hair-splitting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is late.  Socialist nutball Bernie Sanders and the invisible-vanilla Martin O’Malley are kept waiting.  Rep. frontrunner Donald Trump observes, “What happened?  Has she quit?  Gone home?”  No.  Former Madame Secretary has taken a colossal dump.  Witnesses say it stunk so bad it could have killed a dinosaur.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was late returning to the stage in Saturday night’s debate because she got held up in the bathroom line, a report says.

“I’m late. F.U!”

Whether Mrs. Clinton’s “Depends” blew-a-fuse or it was just one of those things, I don’t know.  Typically, the MSM rushed to HRC’s defense, calling The Donald, “vulgar”.

“She’s disgusting!”

12-22-2015.  Donald Trump again observes that Hillary Clinton isn’t the strong candidate the MSM makes her out to be, noting that she got “Schlonged” by Obama in 2008.  Mrs. C took to Twitter trying to make it attack on all women.  (Did all women run for president in 2008?)  Even “Saturday Night Live” admits Gov. Sarah Palin came closer to being president, in one of their skits.

As a woman audience member said on the Dr. Drew prog, “It’s time for women to put on their big girl panties and stop being offended by everything.”  Well said.

Text (C) 2015 – ericreportsnews


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