Obama’s Face-Saving Speech on Muslim Mass Murderers

The President ‘s evaporating credibility forced him to address the nation on Dec. 6  Most notably – –

Obama finally admitted the Dec. 2 San Bernadino killers were Muslim (without actually naming them.)

Dead End for Syed Farook

Image result for images, dead syed farook

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik

Shooting in San Bernardino, California

Our President made sure to defend all Muslims except “that tiny fraction” who break the law.

Most absurdly, he claimed that he would “destroy ISIL” with the help of Congress.  ISIS grew from the President’s desperate attempts to get rid of Assad.  Who is he kidding?

Obama called for gun-control:  a ban on assault rifles, i.e., semi-automatics with the ability to shoot over 10-15 rounds.  (California already has this law.)  As in Sandy Hook, he’s exploiting his gun-control agenda.  How is gun-control going to disarm the terrorists?  What about the pipe bombs they had?  What about all the other weaponry?  Gun-free zones are what shooters prey on.  Disarming the public only makes us more vulnerable than we already are.

BHO knows full well his policies have weakened us.  He must make it seem as if he’s doing the opposite.  It’s a stage-by-stage process to make us a Sharia compliant state.

Text Copyright 2015 – EricReportsNews


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