November, Friday the 13th, 2015, Paris, France.  Six different places were targeted by ISIS including the “Stade de France” (sports stadium), the “Ave de la Republique”, “Le Belle Equipe” (a bar), “Le Pitit Cambodge” (a restaurant) and the Bataclan Concert Hall.  As murder reigned, shouts of “Allah Akbar” were heard.  Also, “We are ISIS,” and “This is for Syria.”  ISIS immediately took credit. This was verified by French Pres. Hollande, who called it an “act of war.”

iu01OD1OL9  Pres. Obama said he would not speculate as to who was responsible for the attack.  Maybe, it’s because he’s the head of ISIS and plans on bringing them to U.S. shores in the near future.   Click Link here

Paris, a gun-free city, closed its borders and airports, declaring Martial Law.

Now that ISIS has served Obama’s purpose, that is, to rid the Middle East of Christians, there’s no doubt, they are dispensable.  Expect an all-out war in Syria.  (Except, whose side are we on?)  The MSM refuses to admit the Obama Administration funded/armed ISIS.  Russian Pres. Putin openly declares they are a U.S. “mercenary army”.  Secretary of State John Kerry said, there’s no difference between al-Qaeda and ISIS.  [Rebranded because Obama announced their destruction in 2012.]

Those who are reading this will recognize the insanity of bringing 100,000 Syrian “refugees” to our country.  To allow ISIS, to actually bring them here, is no longer about politics or votes.  It is national suicide.  In the name of “political correctness”, we are destroying ourselves.

Text Copyright 2015 – Ericreportsnews


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