FAKES! Gay marriage, transgender movement, refugee numbers, Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham, MSM, Trump plant

gaymarriage759Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court cannot create law – it can only enforce it.  There is no nationwide law allowing gay marriage.  How do you defend a law that doesn’t exist?  The “Defense of Marriage Act” declares that marriage exists between a man and a woman only.

krisTransgender Movement

The MSM would have you believe that everybody’s turning queer and that if you don’t like it, you’re an intolerant bigot.  Like it or not, transgenderism is not the human ideal, even if Michelle Obama is one of them.


Mrs. Obama on the “Ellen” show

Muslim-Refugee-Crisis-600x420Refugee numbers.

The former 10,000 Syrian refugee amount has expanded steadily, now topping 100,000 per year and still climbing.  Obama’s State Dept. cannot explain how these Muslim immigrants will assimilate.  They don’t speak English.  Many are illiterate.  Some are terrorists.

lena-dunham-hillary-clintonHillary Clinton’s interview with Lena Dunham.

Entirely scripted and incredibly phony, Ms. Dunham asks the great Satan Hillary if she’s a feminist.  ARE YOU STUPID?!!

lena-dunham-hillary-clintonSept. 22.  HRC announces she will not okay the Keystone pipeline (if elected) because of “climate change”.  The real reason:  Hillary is in the back pockets of Arab-oil interests who are the number one contributors to her campaign.  Also, a sad attempt to upstage the Pope.


from toonpool.com

MSM’s reaction to the Pope.  Leftist atheists suddenly turn into Catholics referring to the Pontiff as “His Holiness, Our Father and like God.”  This, from people who never went to church in their life.

ben cMSM’s reaction to Dr. Ben Carson.

Rep. Pres. candidate Dr. Ben Carson is asked if a Muslim should ever be President.  He answers, “No.”  Fake because the MSM explodes whenever their doctrine is violated.  Besides, we already have a Muslim president.

5622Trump plant?

An anonymous man asks candidate Trump a loaded question about Muslims.  Why might it be fake?  A.  Man identifies all Muslims as bad and dangerous.  (Including Obama.)  B.  Man asks Trump, “How do we get rid of them?”  C.  He brings up the “birther” controversy.  D.  His name is hopelessly garbled by the announcer.  The MSM acts in moral outrage blaming Trump for not “defending Obama”.

(C) 2015 – Ericreportsnews


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