Virginia Shooting – False Flag for Gun Control?

2BAE86B500000578-3211529-A_disgruntled_former_news_reporter_filmed_himself_executing_two_-a-164_1440622419906Questions are arising about the shooting deaths of Alison Parker and Adam Ward shown on live TV on August 26.

Andy Parker

Notice the strange behavior of Parker’s father, who does not appear to be grieving and continually advocates for gun control.  Turns out, he’s a former actor.

Miss Parker’s alleged fiancé-boyfriend Chris Hurst, does some really bad acting for the cameras – rambling on about their “white-hot” love affair.  His only proof are some innocuous, staged-looking snapshots.  That’s no real proof of anything, except a friendship.  And why did he say, “We didn’t share this publically”?

Daniel Wulz and Alison Parker

Alison with her real boyfriend Daniel Wulz.

The MSM is caught lying again, when they report Miss Parker running into a “dead-end” at the end of an outdoor corridor.  In the shooter’s cellphone video, you can see a glass door in the background.  Behind the door is a lamp shining with a figure of a man standing by it.  A door is not a dead end.  Where exactly was she shot?


Vester Flanagan aka Bryce Williams fires point blank at Parker.  Where’s the blood?  How could he miss?  He didn’t miss shooting the cameraman, who mysteriously doesn’t make a sound.

It’s no secret the MSM wants gun control, i.e., a gun-ban.  The question is:  Would they stage this shooting for the worldwide attention it received?

What would be the biggest false flag of them all?  There’s a lot of conjecture out there that the New World Order is planning a staged event soon.  Who advocates the most for gun control?  Barack Obama.  Therefore, let’s assume, hypothetically, this future false flag assassination attempt on BHO occurs.  Won’t the gun control fanatics have what they want?  With nationwide riots, won’t the government demand everyone to turn in their firearms?  Who can argue this?


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