Trump’s Moment of Truth

Trump cropped.jpg “We have a problem in this country.  It’s called Muslims.  We know our current President is one.  We know he’s not even an American.  We have training camps growing where they want to kill us.  That’s my question:  When can we get rid of them?”  Sept. 17, 2015, Rochester, N.H.  (Question from unidentified man)

The MSM (esp. MSNBC, CNN) officially freaked-out Thursday when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump didn’t “correct” a man who made claims that Barack Obama is a foreign-born Muslim.  Why?  What is there to correct?

Let me ask those reading:  If Obama is a U.S. citizen, why did he wait until 2011 to release his birth certificate?  Wouldn’t it be fair to say, as President, he would have special access to gov’t agencies that could get him whatever he wanted?  Would it be so hard to have certain people in the right places?

Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham and the woman who released Obama’s birth certificate, Loretta Fuddy, close personal friends.

Was Fuddy murdered?  link

As for BHO’s religion, it’s a well known fact that Obama was a Muslim.  His friends and family describe him as a “devout Muslim” who could recite the Koran in Arabic.  Obama’s relatives are Muslim.  Obama was raised in a Muslim country, Indonesia.  He admits this saying:  “I am one of you.”

Is it suspicious that Obama suddenly converted to Christianity when he decided to enter politics?  Is it strange that Obama seems at best, a half-hearted Christian, whose face glows whenever he speaks about Islam?  Or is he just a fake?

Obama said, “America can never be at war with Islam” because this country has many practicing Muslims.  “How can we be at war with ourselves?”  Isn’t that an open admission?

2008.  Obama said, inadvertently, “John McCain has never questioned my Muslim faith.”  (Then, changed it to “Christian faith.”)  Why would he question it?

2008.  Sen. McCain is told by an audience member that Obama is “an Arab.”  McCain corrects her by saying Obama is “a decent man that I just have a disagreement with on fundamental issues.”  The MSM was thrilled… “Here we have McCain endorsing our candidate!”

2015.  The MSM wants Trump to do the same stupid thing.  The MSM loves Republican losers.  They poo-poo the idea of “Muslim training camps in the U.S.” – even though it’s been proven.  ISIS is here in all fifty states.  What do they think they’re here for?  A pajama party?

To a lesser degree, Trump’s new problem is Carly Fiorina, who he foolishly insulted (off the record) to a left-wing rock ‘n roll tabloid, Rolling Stone.  Fiorina, of course, leapt on this in the last debate, saying, “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.”  (Her Hillary Clinton moment.)

The truth is, Ms. Fiorina is standing where Gov. Sarah Palin should be.  Carly F. is a failed businesswoman, laying off 30,000 from Hewlitt-Packard and finally be fired after a merger with Compaq, nearly ruining the company.  She is also a failed candidate for the California Senate, losing big to Barbara Boxer.

Text Copyright 2015 – EricReports


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