100,000 Syrian “Refugees” (ISIS) Coming to the USA

Courtesy of Pres. Barack Obama, a wave of Muslim extremist “immigrants” will be infiltrating 190 U.S. cities by next year, if not sooner.  Under the guise of “humanitarian relief”, our foreign-born Muslim president is unleashing the enemy within, with the cooperation of Congress.

I ask, what does it take for the American people to stand up and do something in order to stop this fraudulent Presidential-dictator?  Every day this sub-human occupies the White House, he brings us closer to destruction.

While many hope and say BHO will only be in office for another year or so, I say, what kind of country will we be by then?

The leftist mainstream media (those who helped put this viper in power), still maintain that nothing is wrong or unusual.  Presidents come, presidents go.

Citizens, Obama is the Hitler of our time.  He has granted Iran the ability to build a nuclear bomb.  Iran, the number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism.  Now, he is bringing those bloodthirsty, rapist, murderers to our shores – smiling all the way.


Democrats stubbornly refuse to admit their hero was a mistake from the very beginning.  They hang on to the idea that it’s the Republicans – those mean, ‘ol, white-bread, suburban squares – who never gave our first “African-American” president a chance.  That mantra worked in 2008 and 2012.  Now, it has worn paper thin to the point of absurdity.  What does Obama have to do prove who he really is?  Raise the ISIS flag over the White House?  Declare war on the Tea Party?  Refuse to leave on January 20, 2017?

I understand that people are busy with their daily lives.  However, the time has come where we must find time to put a halt to an out-of-control Muslim madman committed to “fundamentally transforming” us.

the-truth-islam-muslim-terrorist-mid-east-middle-east-iraq-a-demotivational-poster-1216312433 copy

Text (C) 2015 – Ericreportsnews


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