The New Terrorists

Washington D.C. and the Obama Administration are redefining terrorism – or to use their new words “extremists” and “self-radicalization”.  Terrorism is so 9/11.  Recently introduced Bill HR 2899 attempts to combat terrorism aka “violent extremism” by –
Identifying risk factors!
Seeking out populations that are targeted and those communities that are at risk!
Find information!
Devise a strategy!
Leverage new and existing technology: the Internet and other social media!

If Pres. Obama and his underlings ever get their heads out of their butts, they’d know the real threat is Muslim terrorism. Ever hear of ISIS? Oh yeah, Obummer is now working with those bunch of murdering rapists. Take one look at their faces and you can see why they’re rapists.  Maybe that’s why they always wear hoods and masks.
So if al-Qaeda etcetera are no longer the bad guys, who are?

Dylann Roof

Dylann Roof – Mr. Confederate Flag

Adam Lanza - PhotoShopped Alien

Adam Lanza – PhotoShopped Alien

Timothy McVeigh - Anti-Gov't Poster Boy

Timothy McVeigh – Anti-Gov’t Poster Boy

James Holmes - Orange is the new black

James Holmes – Orange is the new black

Elliot Rodger - Revenge of the nerds

Elliot Rodger – Revenge of the nerds

You’ll notice all five are young, white males. Gun nuts. What a coincidence! How’d that happen?

Prediction: There will be a website blamed for a terrorist event. That website will be taken down, thus causing the domino effect. Soon, all websites that don’t embrace the “new normal” will disappear.  The new terrorists are whomever the government thinks they are and if Obama says the 9/11 hijackers “weren’t real Muslims” and that it was all a “man-made disaster”, well, I’d have to say his definition of a terrorist is anyone who doesn’t think like he does.


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