How Democrats see the GOP

The mainstream media will be putting their 2016 election coverage into maximum overdrive propaganda mode; meaning, it’s time to convince the public that the Republican Party is…







Thurston Howell III





Too old

Examples: Nixon (evil), Goldwater (dangerous), Ford (clumsy=stupid), Reagan (stupid, uncaring, and dangerous), elder Bush (elitist), Dole (too old), younger Bush (stupid), McCain (too old), and Romney (elitist.)
The basic message of all this is that they aren’t us. Dems see themselves as for the common man – the underdog. When you ask Democrats what has Barack Obama done for average folks, they’ll say just the mere fact that a black man could become president is enough. Nevermind that he has ties to terrorists (Weather Underground, ISIS), didn’t show his birth certificate until 2011, (fake) and sides with the Muslims every single time (Iran, Palestinians, Muslim Brotherhood, Ground Zero Mosque, Benghazi) all that matters is that Obama has the right skin color.
Current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump really has the leftist media in a quandary. He’s saying things that have been on people’s minds for years, but that no one else is saying.  Their candidate Hillary Clinton flounders in e-mail scandals and a charisma deficit.  So be prepared for the MSM to portray Mr. Trump with all six of their GOP slanders.

Text (C) 2015 – EricReports


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