The Big Debate – Who Won?

Donald Trump started off the strongest, but it was clear FOX moderators were out to get him by bringing up his insults to Rosie O’Donnell (and all women!) plus four bankruptcies. Trump is not Republican establishment. That’s what FOX wants.
Fox seems to be pushing for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.
Chris Christie announced that he wanted access to everybody’s Internet and phone records. “I will do anything to keep the public safe!” Rand Paul argued it out with Christie, reminding the audience that this is the man who hugged Obama in 2012. I found this exchange loathsome as it gave Hillary everything she wants – infighting within the GOP.
Dr. Ben Carson came across as the class act. That’s why he has no chance whatsoever. Too bad. I’d love to see Hillary’s face if she had to run against another black man.  In the earlier second tier debate, Rick Santorum impressed me by his sincere beliefs against abortion and Planned Parenthood.  The hidden camera videos have exposed them for what they are:  baby killers.  What else can you call it when a viable fetus-baby is born, then its skull crushed, in order to harvest its organs?  The Democratic Party owns this.  Also, Carly Fiorina could do some damage to HRC’s “I’m a woman!” campaign.
Biggest mistake – Donald Trump said he may pull-a-Perot by running independently. Surely, this would give the Rodham the presidency. He needs to rethink this.

Text (C) 2015 – EricReports


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