Cilla Black (1943-2015)


Cilla Black

Singer/UK television entertainer Cilla Black died from a stroke on August 1, 2015. She was best known for her songs hits from the 60’s and 70’s. Most popular were “Alfie” (1966 single version) and “Anyone Who Had a Heart” (1964.)
Most recently, the BBC did a three-part series of her life, titled “Cilla”.  (2014)
She also had two TV series in England; “Blind Date” (similar to the “Dating Game”) and “Surprise, Surprise”.
What I remember from first seeing her on an old black and white TV set is how clear her voice was, how strong and full of emotion. Such a big voice from a small girl. The only other comparison would be Petula Clark.
In the link below, Miss Black recalls recording “Alfie” for songwriter Burt Bacharach. The title song with the memorable opening phrase “What’s it all about? Alfie?” was from a British film about a womanizing cad (Oscar-nominated performance by Michael Caine.) In this clip, Black asks Bacharach, “What are you looking for?” He asks for that “little bit of magic.” Cilla Black gave us that something more I’ll always miss.  (Text © 2015 – EricReports)

Cilla Black recording sessions with Burt Bacharach

Cilla Black sings with Burt Bacharach


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