FAKES 4 – Ariana Grande, Rick Perry’s glasses, Planned Parenthood, Boy Scouts, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Iran nuke deal, Michelle Obama


Ariana Grande quote “I hate America, I hate Americans.”  Grande spits and licks do-nuts meant for public consumption, later explaining that she was “fat-shaming” us.  Leftist idiot.


I can count to 2!

Rick Perry’s glasses – Obviously designed to make him look smarter.  They’re not working.


Agent for Planned Parenthood makes a deal.

Planned Parenthood is caught selling baby body parts for profit on hidden camera.  “It’s all done for scientific research!”  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, when asked, have said they still back Planned Parenthood 100%.


Boy Scouts – Now admitting gay scoutmasters.  This bad joke writes itself.


Hillary’s logo looks similar to the WTC falling.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Mrs. C’s 2016 presidential run may go down in history as the worst ever, which is strange considering she may still win among the brain-dead.


Iran nuke deal.  Obama’s charge that “This will keep us from war,” is a fraud.  America is still a super-power.  Why is Iran telling us what to do?  Probably, Obama’s worst foreign policy blunder.


Michelle Obama, once again, has a penis gaffe, inadvertently showing off her/his manhood on the “Ellen” show.


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