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April 15, 2015.  Five Wal-Marts stores were closed simultaneously, shortly before the implementation of “Op Jade Helm 15”.  Each store is located in areas where there is military activity (Pico Rivera, CA.  Midland, TX.  Livingston, TX.  Tulsa, OK.  Brandon, FL.)  Employees were laid off or fired, given short notice.  The excuse:  “plumbing issues”.  So far, there has been no evidence of Wal-Mart repairing those plumbing issues.  What has been occurring is this –

1.  Barbed wire placed around the perimeters.

2.  Armed security seen at night.

3.  Boarded-up windows.

4.  Reports of underground tunnels.

5.  Store contents removed.

Former head of the DHS, Janet Napolitano

Eric Reports that Wal-Mart, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), have been using facial-recognition cameras, placing them near entrances and exits.  (The same type of cameras used by the DMV.)  The gov’t is compiling a database of the public itself , similar to what the police do with fingerprints.  This is not a conspiracy theory – it is a fact.

Some have suggested Wal-Mart’s links to FEMA camps, following Martial Law.  Whatever the gov’t knows, they’re not telling us.

Text © 2015 – EricReports


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