Iran – A Nuclear Powderkeg

July 13, 2015.  As expected, Pres. Obama announced that a nuclear deal had been made with Iran.  VP Biden stood by BHO’s side, nodding eagerly, his faithful dog.

Proponents declared that “This was the best deal they could make,” and “That it wise, even prudent, for Obama/Kerry to sign it.”  Opponents said that “Our President gave away the store, giving in to a plan that benefits Iran and gives us nothing in return.”  Politics aside, what is the real truth?  The truth is –

Pres. Obama and Sec’t of State Kerry did not have to make this deal.  It was made because Obama has eighteen months left in office and time is running out for our first Muslim president.  Clearly, Obama is working for the other side.  In John Kerry’s “negotiations”, he gave Iran everything they wanted and more.  Obama said this peace agreement will keep us safe from war.  Nonsense.  Iran will not keep their word.  “Inspections (given them 24 days notice) are meaningless.  Did you know that no U.S. inspectors are allowed and that Iran may still refine weapons-grade uranium?

Fact – Iran doesn’t need this type of nuclear program unless their building a bomb.  They’re swimming in oil.  That is their economy.  So, why?  What is their goal?  And Obamas?

The end goal is a world dominated by Sharia Law and a Muslim caliphate.  Obama has duped his core-followers by saying, “It’s all about peace.”  I don’t see anything peaceful coming from a nuclear Iran.  I see death and destruction.  I see WWIII.

Obama, the U.N. and the USA have made their deal with the devil.

Text (C) 2015 – EricReports


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