Obama won’t read name of Muslim terrorist


July 16.  While President Obama is speaking, he is handed an FBI briefing on the mass shooting in Chattanooga, TN.  (4 dead Marines, 2 wounded, the sailor has since died.)  Obama said, “We have a name,” then doesn’t read it.  The name is Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.  Why won’t Obama read the name?  Would it unnecessarily incite hatred against the Muslim community?  Mr. 0 wants to be politically-correct.  (Politically-correct if you’re a Wahabi Muslim.)  Obama also did not have American flags flown at half-mast.

For those who watched the MSM news reports the day it happened, you would have heard the FBI proclaim, “We must not jump to conclusions,” “Mr. Abdulazeez is a naturalized citizen,” “This is a matter of domestic terrorism,” and “He is a lone wolf.”  It did not take long, however, for someone to locate this ISIS tweet posted before it happened.


You don’t have to be Columbo to figure this out.  Abdulazeez’s father was on a terrorist watch list.  Abdulazeez is from Kuwait and is a Palestinian.  Abdulazeez’s blog posted ominous warnings on what he intended to do.  There is also some doubt about whether he is a U.S. citizen.  (Just like Obama.)

Dylann Roof with Confederate flag that appears to be Photoshopped in.

What’s the big difference between this and the mass shooting in Charleston, S.C?  There, we had nine black Christians shot and killed by racist Dylann Roof.  This is someone the MSM can deal with.  This is someone Obama has no problem naming.  This is someone charged with being a “terrorist”, even though he is not part of a group.  “Hate crime” is no longer good enough for the left.

AP738133192587-260x105Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton was mysteriously quiet on the 16th.  Why is that?  Did the four killed remind her of the four killed in Benghazi?  Does HRC realize she has no legs to stand on, as an anti-terrorist candidate?  Yes, Mrs. C knows she is the “global warming” candidate.  The “gay marriage” candidate.  The “1970’s-style women’s lib” candidate.  The “open borders” candidate.  When it comes to terrorism, it’s best if Hillary keep her big mouth shut.  Why?  Because it was the Clintons who passed the law for “No Firearms Allowed” at recruitment centers.  As Bill’s self-admitted co-President, she has blood on her hands.  That’s something you won’t hear on your network news.

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