Why Would You Vote for Hillary Clinton?

Hillary%20ClintonIf you’re a U.S. citizen and have lived here for a reasonable amount of time, you know who and what Hillary Clinton is.  You may not know everything, but you know her beyond the MSM version, that is as a scheming, lying, underhanded, foul-mouthed, charmless, short, fat, dumpy politician.  Despite all this, she’s the frontrunner for the 2016 presidential election.  Republicans have being saying since the 90’s, this was her ambition.  Some scoffed, some didn’t.  I thought (in her mind) that she believed she should be president, not her husband Bill.  Still, she was savvy enough to know that she would have to wait her turn.

2016 is very different from the 1990’s.  We live in dangerous times.

Iran supports Muslim terrorism and is ready to become a nuclear power.


ISIS/ISIL.  A terrorist-run caliphate run by murderers and cut-throats.  They’ve infiltrated all fifty U.S. states.  When will they strike?


The dollar and the deficit.  Will America default on its debt?  When will the economic bubble burst?  Will we go the way of Greece?

Black vs. white.  Racial tensions are at an all time high.  I guess Obama’s plan to bring us all together didn’t work, especially since there’s evidence that his people helped start the riots.

America has become spiritually bankrupt.  We need a leader who knows how to make the tough decisions; a leader who knows the difference between right and wrong.

I ask, is Mrs. Clinton qualified to solve any of these problems?  Whatever she touches turns into a new scandal.

Any political analyst would have to admit that HRC will pursue the same policies that Barack Obama did.  There’s really very little difference between them.  Four more years of leftist-socialist political dogma is NOT what this country needs.  Yet, the MSM mindlessly blathers on about Hillary and “Won’t it be great when she’s running things?”  Notice how they’ll never say how or what she’ll do to solve anything – just as long as Ms. Pant Suit controls everything.

Maybe, it would take a miracle to put America back on the right path.  Maybe, it would take a miracle for someone good to be our President.  Whatever happens, God help us, if that woman sets foot back in the White House.

Text © 2015 – EricReports


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