Who Will Run Against Hillary Clinton?

At this time of this writing, the Republican deep bench list of presidential candidate totals thirteen. Political pundits change their minds daily as to whom the frontrunner is.  Does it matter?  It’s already been decided.  Why do I say this?

In 1980, Pres. Ronald Reagan didn’t want George H.W. Bush as his VP.  He wanted Jack Kemp.  So, why didn’t he pick him?  Because there are forces behind the scenes that make things happen.

Election 2000 – VP Al Gore had more votes than George W. Bush.  Bush won the Electoral College vote, but wouldn’t have except for the key state of Florida.  (Gov. Jeb Bush, FL)

In the recounts, I’m convinced Gore would have won, if the Supreme Court hadn’t stopped it.  How’d that happen?

Election 2004 – Bush wins easily over John Kerry on the strength of “keeping us safe” after 9/11.  It would have been nice to keep us safe during 9/11.

Election 2016 – Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton.  It’s all rigged, folks.

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