Veterans Against ISIS – Modern Day “Dirty Dozen”?

Dirty moviep.jpg
As Iraq moves closer to terrorist rule, (while Obama golfs)
a group calling themselves “Veterans Against ISIS” have decided to fight them.  They are small in number (at this time, two dozen), nevertheless, it has become unbearable for patriotic Americans to watch our country do nothing against a swarming hoard of sub-humans known as ISIS.
Citizens, you’re aware that if our so-called Commander-in-Chief wanted to, he could end this war against ISIS.  An all-out military campaign is where it could end.  That’s what our military is for.
Obama doesn’t have the faintest idea.  He uses them as a social experiment:  gays in the bunkhouse and transgendered on the front lines.  Could we also use our fighting men to kill the enemy?
Or is it that our Muslim President doesn’t think ISIS is the enemy?  If that’s the case, it would be fair to say that the U.S. gov’t has been infiltrated – right up the very top.
Obama has said. “We are not at war with Islam.”  Does this mean the obvious?  Surrender?


 To those who voted for Mr. Hope and Change, how do you feel about your vote now?  Maybe, you don’t care, just as long as it doesn’t affect you.  You do realize that one day ISIS will attack us here, right?  What will you do then…when Obama does nothing?
Text (C) 2015 – Ericreportsnews

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