The Biggest IDIOT on MSNBC

Not surprisingly, the far-left have decided to mock those warning on the dangers of Jade Helm 15.  (I’d like to see their reactions if Pres. Bush had announced military exercises in seven to ten states, with little reason given.)  Is it all about Martial Law?  Not according to them.  For the Obama-bots, it’s “Business as usual.”  If you see storm-troopers on your doorstep, don’t worry, “It’s for your own protection.”


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes laughed at the idea of a “government that would hurt us.”  Let me show some past instances…

SEIGE on David Koresh and the Branch-Davidians

Total destruction of the Branch-Davidian’s church – 80 people killed – Shot, burned and gassed.  Why?  A revenge killing because the Branch-Davidians fought back against an illegal raid by the ATF.


Japanese-Americans held against their will in gov’t camps during World War II.


Children having almost no food to eat.” Web. 24 Feb. 2012.

Back in the 1950’s, the Federal Gov’t was interested in what would happen if we were nuked, so they fed radioactive oatmeal to retarded children held in institutions, to see what would happen.  Still not convinced?

Property Rights Rankings in Canada | Police State U.S.A. | Table ...

ENCROACHING POLICE STATE.  You would have to be kidding yourself not to admit the recent changes in just the appearance of our men in blue.  What happened?!

9/11.  Even if you believe the official story from the gov’t/MSM, ask yourself:  Did the government protect us on Sept. 11th?

PRISONS.  Many don’t give a damn about what happens to prisoners, but when did American prisons become like torture chambers?  We used to be better than that.

Warning – Graphic Image!

By now, Mr. Hayes would say that the Obama administration has nothing to do with these past offenses.

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Didn’t Obama just apologize for accidentally killing two innocents (Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto) with a drone missile?  January 2015.

Didn’t Obama authorize the NDAA?

Obama has stepped up surveillance on U.S. citizens.  (NSA. PRISM.)



Obama has allowed an open-border policy putting all Americans at risk.  It’s already been proven that ISIS has used this to creep in as “undocumented workers”.  (Hillary’s new term is “dreamers”.)

Wal-Mart closings

Wal-Mart closings

Why the sudden closing of five Wal-Marts?  Why has Wal-Mart changed their hours, closing from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m?  (Their explanation:  Plumbing issues.)

Why would Obama chose Texas as the “hub” for Jade Helm?  To rub their faces in it.  Even the Texas governor has voiced concern.

Is Obama targeting those who threaten his power?  Locking up people who stand in the way of a New World Order?  Disarming U.S. citizens?  Gov’t mass murder was commonplace in Nazi Germany, Russia, China and Eastern Europe.  It can also happen here.

Text (C) 2015 – EricReportsNews


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