Pamela Geller Nearly Killed by ISIS


Pamela Geller


Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi

May 3, 2015, Garland, TX.  Pamela Geller, blogger and head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, was nearly killed Sunday, by agents sent from ISIS.  The men, armed with assault rifles, were shot dead by a private security guard.  The controversy was over a contest that offered $10,000 to whomever could draw the best cartoon of the Muslim prophet Mohammed.  (Forbidden by Sharia Law.)

Shortly thereafter, the leftist MSM bitterly criticized Ms. Geller saying she provoked the attack.  Ms. Geller countered by saying the First Amendment gives her these rights and that it’s radical Islam who should be criticized, not her.

Citizens, you have witnessed courage in action.  If we had a president like this, the War on Terror would be over very quickly.  Instead, we have an academic theoretician who ignores genocide and – worst case scenario – is one of them.

As for the left, how can they be trusted in a crisis situation?  Time and time again, they prove themselves to be disloyal and weak – without any true conviction.  Only as an angry mob does the progressive-liberal do anything.  Otherwise, they hide in the closet.

The only way to defeat this enemy is to redefine them.  That is, Islam should no longer be called a religion, but a cult.  By this fact, it would lose its First Amendment privilege.

I’m not overstating it by saying we are in a war for civilizations.  If the U.S. doesn’t soon realize that; if we cannot call the enemy the enemy, we have lost.  As long as Americans elect leaders like Barack Obama (and possibly Hillary Clinton), we will be the enemy’s fool.

God, the real one, protected Pamela Geller because she is right.


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