Jekyll Hyde Obama

barack-obama-re-elected-as-us-president-pg.jpg#Obama%20854x567Obama Administration Defends Taking All Your Phone Records

Text (C) 2015 – EricReportsNews

Who is the real Barack Obama?  If you’re a Democrat, BHO is our thoughtful, academic president who kept his promise by ending the war in Iraq and bringing universal healthcare to all.

If you’re a Republican, he’s an uber-left-wing Socialist who increased the deficit, forced Obamacare thru Congress and then allowed ISIS to take control of the Middle East.


For me, there’s no doubt he works for various groups as front man.  There’s plenty of evidence he works for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Time and time again, he sides with Islam, helping them to establish their radical form of the Muslim faith in Egypt, (formerly), Libya, Iraq and Yemen.  Syria is next.

Obama pretends to negotiate with Iran on nuclear weapons.  This is all a charade.  He wants them to have nukes because he wants Iran to head the new caliphate.  ISIS (or ISIL as BHO prefers to call them) is major proof of what happens when you have a Muslim President.  No real past president would have allowed ISIS to slaughter their way across Iraq and Syria.  No past president would have allowed ISIL to exist.

Oftentimes, in Vietnam War documentaries, we’ve seen the bombings by Pres. Johnson and Nixon.  What do you think they would have done?  What would they have said about Obama?

The riots in Ferguson (which Obama encouraged) were straight from the Black Panther playbook.  “Burn, baby, burn!”  Likewise, his comments about Trayvon Martin (“If I had a son…”) were meant to formant rage within the black community.

Also, Mr. O is a closet homosexual married to a transgendered she-male,  This accounts for his sudden turnaround on gay rights.  He’s for gay marriage because he’s in one.

... , claims to have found proof that President Obama is secretly gay

Obama has denied connections to the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group and yet the former leader of it, Bill Ayers said he ghostwrote BHO’s autobiography.  Obama launched his campaign from Ayer’s house.  Reporter Andrew Breitbart was trying to prove this connection shortly before his mysterious death.

As bad as things are, the worst is yet to come.  In late 2012-early 2013, the President tried to use Sandy Hook as an excuse to take away our guns.  It didn’t work.  That’s why there’ll be another “event” he’ll use as an excuse to trample our 2nd Amendment rights.

As for Muslim terrorism, we’ve seen daily massacres occur at an astonishing rate in other countries.  How soon will it be before it happens here?  Will Obama continue to sit on his thumbs, saying, “They aren’t true Muslims.”  There’s one thing for sure:  Obama is.


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