Text Copyright 2015 – EricReports

The world has reached a crisis point.


ISIS, an Islamic terrorist army threatens all those who will not conform to their version of the Muslim faith.  Slaughters, beheadings, torture, rape, stoning, death by fire, slavery – they’re doing it all – while a frightened people watch.

What are we doing about it?  What is President Obama doing about it?


In 2010, he shed tears for a Tunisian man who set himself on fire, sparking the Arab Spring.  2015.  For the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive, he issues a statement as meaningless as a fortune cookie.

In 2011, the President militarily attacked Libya, toppling the Gadhafi regime.  Benghazi was the eventual result.


Four dead Americans, including our Ambassador and we still don’t know where Obama was or what he was doing on our second 9/11.

Pres. Obama has allowed ISIS to establish a caliphate know as ISIL within Syrian-Iraqi borders.  ISIS is spreading like a cancer.  This bloodthirsty gang of butchers have set their sites on Italy, home of the Catholic Church.  If they destroyed a museum in Iraq, what do you think they’ll do there?  What would you do then, Mr. President?  If ISIS attacked our nation, would you still do nothing?  Would you say, as you have already stated that, “extremists have legitimate grievances”?  Or that al-Qaeda “taught us a lesson” on 9/11?

Obama has brought shame on us all.  On every American who says and does nothing.  On our military, forced to stand by and watch, while ISIS desecrates all things holy.  On himself and his office.

Citizens, will we ride out 2015 and 2016 as passengers with Pres. Obama setting the United States towards disaster?  Isn’t that what we did on 9/11?



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