Obama Defames Christianity at Prayer Breakfast


Most of the media doesn’t want to talk about Pres. Obama’s criticism of Christianity.  (Fox News being a rare exception.)  They know it’s more toxic than uranium.  It reveals the real Barack Obama.  Truth be told, if he had dropped his pants and showed his @ss, it would’ve meant the same thing.  So, why did he say it?  The President is showing his complete and utter contempt for Christian America.  He hates it.  And yet he knows the liberal elite will protect him.  He could burn the Bible on his barbeque and they would still find an excuse for this evil man – and there is no better word for Obama than evil.

Basically, BHO is dredging up centuries-old history from the dark ages of the Catholic Church – the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.  And for good measure, he throws in slavery to add more to his guilt trip.  That was his ticket to glory in 2008:  The Race Card.

I like the way Obama uses the word “we” as if he’s a Christian.  If he’s a Christian, I’m Buddha.  In a nationwide poll, half of Americans believe Obama is or at least was a Muslim.  And what better sense it makes than to elect a Muslim after 9/11?

Can there be any doubt as to why ISIS is spreading across the Middle East and Northern Africa?  Or why Obama just gave Iran twelve billion dollars?



In an earlier article, I wrote that another 9/11 was imminent.  I think that was an understatement.  What do you think Iran is going to do with the money Obama has given them?  That will be more than enough to complete their nuclear bomb.  Iran is also working on an ICBM program – Inter-Continental-Ballistic-Missiles.  This means Iran could launch their weapons on us.  What if ISIS joins with Iran?  In the past, the USA always rose to the occasion when the world was threatened by evildoers.  It’s no wonder nothing is done to stop them.   We have an evildoer in the White House.

I’m stating for the record that unless Obama is impeached, resigns or dies, America’s future remains in serious doubt.

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