Daniel’s prophecy

Daniel 8:23-25

And in the later part of their reign,
when rebellions heat up,

a bold and cruel king will show up, hard-faced, a master at trickery.

This will take place when many people have turned away from God.

This king will be powerful, but his power does not come from himself.

He will understand hidden things and consider himself to be great.

He will use his wisdom and lies to be successful and he will magnify himself in his heart.

By peace he shall destroy many.

Wonderful things he will destroy.

He will talk big, high-handedly, doing whatever he pleases.

He will destroy powerful people – even God’s Holy people.

He’ll plot and scheme to make crime flourish.

He’ll think he’s invincible and get rid of anyone who gets in his way.

He shall stand up against the Prince of princes,

yet he will be destroyed, but not by human hands.

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