Jessica Chambers Burned Alive! Media Cover-Up

Jessica Chambers

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports News

12/6/14.  Courtland, Mississippi.  White girl Jessica Chambers, 19, was attacked in her car and burned to death with lighter fluid that had been poured down her throat, nose and body.  It’s well known in the community that she was involved with a black man, but-

Murdered White Teen Jessica Chambers Burned From the Inside Out Had ...

-the uber-left-wing-scumbag-MSM-news won’t say anything.  They (the MSM) are impeding an investigation by not saying the suspect is black.

Caught on camera: Jessica (seen left) then went into the shop and paid while three men chatted nearby

Last Surveillance Video

Miss Chambers purchased gas shortly before her murder and was seen in a gas station surveillance video.  Shortly before her death, she whispered something to the firemen who discovered her walking away from her car, covered in flames.

Didn’t Ferguson just recently go up in flames?  Who did that?  All coincidence, right?  F.U., MSM!


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