Illuminati Stars Out of Control!

Miley Cyrus Tongue Tied

Miley Cyrus – Controlled programming by the Illuminati.

Illuminati members, whether they’re controlled pawns or of the highest rank, give their allegiance to the devil aka Satan aka Lucifer.

Kesha, X-Factor Australia e o Simbolismo Illuminati Jogado na cara do ...

Kesha – Devil worshipper.  Pentagram earring – Satanic star.  Her song “Die Young” was almost pulled from broadcast because of its release shortly before Sandy Hook.  Coincidence?

Miley Cyrus – Sexual Illuminati ritual for former “Hannah Montana” star.

Miley Cyrus Tongue Tied

justin bieber illuminatiJustin Beiber’s rise and fall can be attributed to him disobeying his masters.

The witches Kardashian.Illuminati goddess symbolism in Kardashian’s NSFW Christmas card

Bruce Jenner – former Olympic champion, now…?

Britney Spears cracks up

Britney Spears cracks up

Britney Spears breakdown and confinement to a mental hospital leads me to believe she was trying to break away from the Illuminati.  Lucky to be alive if you consider the following…

Whitney Houston dead. whitney-houston15Bizarre circumstances surrounded Whitney’s death.  Why was she left alone to drown in a bathtub?  (Was it part of the ritual?)  Why did the Grammy party continue, even upon news of her death?  Why was her body left to remain until after the party was over?

Michael Jackson dead.  michael-jackson-03

Questions remain on how M.J. could die from a Propofol overdose while in the presence of a physician.  Was Dr. Conrad Murray the fall guy as sister La Toya said? Following Jackson’s death, sales for his disks went way up.  Was that the plan?  –that a dead Michael was more valuable (t0 the Illuminati) than a live one?  Or was M.J. about to expose who controls the music industry?


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