Stars who Refused to Join the Illuminati

Text Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

Charlton Heston:  Longstanding star of Biblical epics, such as, “The Ten Commandments”, “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and “Ben-Hur”.  Movie career began to fade in the 1980’s, more so in 1998 when he became President of the NRA.

how great thou art photo: How Great Thou Art elvis-presley-how-great-thou-art-cover-art-47186.jpegElvis Presley:  Rock ‘n roll pioneer was actually a fervent Christian, recording three gospel albums.

Pat Boone – Words [1960]Pat Boone.  1950’s and 60’s pop singing star/movie actor.  Born-again Christian and author of many inspirational books.

iuYR8STJVVBobby Sherman.  Late 1960’s – early 70’s singer/actor.  (Hit songs include “Easy Come, Easy Go” and “Jennifer”.)  Starred in the TV series “Here Come the Brides”.

iuWIBAK4XVJulia Nickson.  Appeared in “Rambo”. Also starred in the true story of Nora Lam, who fought for her Christian beliefs in Communist China.  (“China Cry” – 1991.)

China cry cover.jpg

Skip Bolen/Alabama ReliefTaylor Hicks.  Winner of fifth season of “American Idol”.  Recorded a few c.d.s, now sings for small venues.

David Archuleta Going On Mormon Mission For Two Years – CRAZY DAYS ...  David Archuleta:  Filipino-American “American Idol” (Season 7) contestant.  Sings mostly in the Philippines.

iuQMRGEDAU Duck Dynasty:  A & E program.  Father refused to back-pedal an anti-gay remark, despite threatened cancellation.

iu4QI271MQTila Tequila:  Former reality show star.  Has exposed the Illuminati as “the Watchers” and “the Others”.  Nearly died for her efforts in 2012 from an overdose/brain aneurysm.

iuBNJDQXFY78violet (formerly known as Aly & A.J.)  They dumped Hollywood Records (owned by Disney) and now record independently.



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