Obama Gives Away U.S. Internet Control to the United Nations

United Nations

United Nations

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports News

President Obama has agreed to the demands of the “international community” by releasing American’s control of the Internet to the United Nations.  The date of the turnover is Sept. 2015.

Originally, the Internet was created under the Nixon Administration in 1970, to allow the gov’t a better way to communicate with itself.  An unexpected side benefit:  the World Wide Web has become our last, best hope of defeating the stranglehold the MSM had on the news.  Until now…

The MSM, knowing these matters aren’t interesting to the general public have downplayed it as “just another step toward our global community”.  Doesn’t that sound fun?  The problem is – the U.N. doesn’t have the First Amendment.  Therefore, in the near future, if I write an article critical or offensive to other countries or the gov’t or any leader, it will be removed.  (Or worse, never appear.)  Our days of freedom our numbered.

I’d advise all of you, if you want to say something contrary to the New World Order’s globalist agenda, or to King Obama or to (presumably) our next President, “The Grand Doughnut” Hillary Clinton, say it now.

MSM naysayers, (the fools who didn’t vet Obama), will slough this off by saying that I’m overreacting and that nothing will change.  The overpaid talking-heads don’t care – they’re already controlled by the standards and practices of the U.S. gov’t.

Be aware and save any important information on your computers, flash drives, external storage, etc. before it disappears.


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