Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

From here on, America begins its most dangerous time.  There is no longer any doubt, Barack Obama has made himself our dictator, creating laws he calls “executive orders”.  Even the mainstream media is aware of it, blithely wondering if Congress or the Supreme Court can slow down his agenda.  As I wrote before, it is up to you, the people, to stop him.

What about impeachment?  Even if by some miracle, Congress summoned up the courage for impeachment hearings, it would eventually fail, as it did for Bill Clinton.  The President has access to many secret files that could sink the careers of those in Congress.

At this point, assuming Obama continues his imperial presidency, my best advice for those who are able, is to leave the country, until the new president is inaugurated.  I’m more than certain Martial Law is coming.  The U.S. is about to be torn apart from without and within.

First of all, the Obama Administration is coordinating with black Muslim groups (such as “The New Black Panther Party”) to create civil unrest and riots in Ferguson, MO.  Agitators designed to lead the black community into bloody violence.  The  President hopes this will spread across America.  How’s that for “hope and change”?

Secondly, Obama is goading Russian Pres. Putin into a war over Syria.  BHO hasn’t forgotten his humiliation over “the red line drawn” and his failed bombing campaign of the Assad regime.  Putin knows well that Obama is arming the “rebels” ( Islamic terrorists) to overthrow Assad.  This is a proxy war, like Vietnam.  Except back then, we were #1.  Militarily, Russia is now #1.  Obama knows this.

Do you feel comfortable with this President’s finger on the red button?  What do you think the consequences will be of a nuclear war?  Is this what the New World Order wants?  Is this part of their depopulation program?  Are FEMA camps next for those who won’t go along with Obama’s utopia?

Citizens, we did this to ourselves.  Obama didn’t become President by himself.  Remember 2008?  Remember that cocky, young senator, grinning from ear-to-ear promising “social justice”?  The American people had a choice, just like Adam and Eve, and then made the wrong one.  Now, we will suffer for it.


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