Obama’s Dead Ringer

BirtherReportDotCom - AdrienNash Image 2Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports News

March 27, 2011.  President Obama’s controversial and long-awaited birth certificate is finally released by Loretta Fuddy.  (Director of the Hawaiian Dept. of Health.)  At the time, Obama’s citizenship had been questioned by many, including billionaire Donald Trump, who considered running for president.  The release of the birth certificate effectively ruined his 2012 presidential run.

Loretta Fuddy

Loretta Fuddy

Dec. 11, 2013.  Airplane failure.  Loretta Fuddy dies shortly after a forced ocean landing.  Witnesses said a loud bang was heard shortly before the plane went down.  Passengers wore life-jackets and awaited rescue not far from shore.  A witness, who held Ms. Fuddy’s hand said she appeared fine, until she suddenly let go and floated away.  Cause of death – heart attack.  She was the only fatality.  While news of Fuddy’s death made the MSM news, no indepth reporting was made, other than she died in a “plane crash”.  (Inaccurate – she died from whatever happened following the plane’s soft landing.)

Obama with his real father?  Muhammad Sabuh

Obama’s real father? Muhammad Sabuh.

The Backstory.  Incredibly, Loretta Fuddy also knew Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.  They both belonged to the same religious cult known as “Sabud”.  (Fuddy was the chairwoman for Sabud’s Nationaly Committee, 2006-2008.)  Is Muhammad Subuh Obama’s real father?  Ask yourself, who looks more like our President?

Barack Obama Sr.

Barack Obama Sr.


BirtherReportDotCom - AdrienNash Image 3

Muhammad Subuh.

Again, America is faced with questions about Barack Obama’s lineage.  Where did he come from?  Who is his real father?  Is he a natural born citizen?  If not, why wasn’t he vetted in 2008?  Was the mainstream media so anxious to elect an African-American into the White House, that they forget to check his true identity?  (Or did they want to?)

In 2013, did Loretta Fuddy make the deadly mistake of leaking info about Obama’s true parentage?  If so, was she eliminated?  The MSM has stayed far away from this news story, demoting it to another “conspiracy theory”.  To those of you reading this, I ask, “How long will America be fooled by the liars who keep this man in office?”

US President Barack Obama gestures for t


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