Obama Could End the Muslim Violence if…

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

Obama bows before Saudi prince.

        Obama bows before Saudi prince.

The MSM (mainstream media) has concentrated its news on Ebola and anything else other than ISIS.  Why is that?  Because they know Pres. Obama really doesn’t want to stop this encroaching army which threatens the Middle East.  (ISIL includes Israel, by the way.)

Polls show that half of the American people believe or suspect that our current President is a Muslim.  The other half (Dems) refuse to admit it.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  Clearly, his “born-again Christian” status was one of many cover stories invented when he was starting out in politics.  Obama used Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ for all that it was worth, then quickly dumped it, when the political waters got hot.

Rev. Wright quote - "G*d damn America!"

Rev. Wright quote – “G*d damn America!”

Since then, Barry, I mean Barack hasn’t bothered to attend another church.  I guess his Christian faith wasn’t so important after all.  The only mention of it was when a heckler screamed at him from a crowd, calling Pres. O, the “Anti-Christ”.

The Muslim Obama

muslimobama The Muslim Obama

Let’s face facts.  Barack Obama was, is and always will be a Muslim.  As a Muslim and leader of the free world, he could tell the Islamic terrorists to stop the violence against all non-Muslims.  Will he do that?  No.  Obama would rather hide under the blanket – keep to the lie – than admit he campaigned under false pretenses.  Yes, he would rather see innocent children slaughtered than admit the truth.

If BHO admitted his Muslim faith, would the MSM turn on him?  No way.  They would say, “Isn’t it sad that Oboo-boo couldn’t say he was a Muslim all along?  How terrible!  This decent, wonderful man had to hide in the closet!”

How sad.  Yet, not as sad as the terrorist cells he allowed in, under his open-border policy.  Sooner or later, we all know another 9/11 is going to happen.  Will it be Obama’s fault?  Or did it all happen in a vacuum, unexplained and for no reason?

Citizens, the MSM will never throw Obama under the bus.  You, maybe, but not Obama.

The President has nothing to lose and cannot run for a third term (thank God.)  He should come out and admit his Muslim faith for the safety of the world.


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