Joan Rivers funeral.  Daughter Melissa Rivers and grandson.

Joan Rivers funeral. Daughter Melissa Rivers and grandson Cooper.

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

The MSM (mainstream media) will soon come to the conclusion that comedienne Joan Rivers death was caused by medical malpractice.  How so?

A.  The dangerous anesthesia “Propofol” was used, despite the fact that it was known for causing the death of Michael Jackson.

B.  A biopsy was performed without permission.

C.  Her doctor takes a “selfie” while she’s out cold.

All three of these factors fit in well for a medical mishap – – BUT, WAS THIS A SET-UP MEANT TO HAPPEN?

Quickly forgotten in all those MSM tributes was the outing of Pres. Obama and his wife by Joan Rivers.  The Internet rumors of our President being gay and his wife a transsexual have long been out there, however, the MSM had skillfully avoided them.  Until Joan said the unmentionable on CNN, July 4, 2014.

The MSM were forced to go after her in a CNN interview, where she walked off.

CNN walk-off interview.

CNN walk-off interview.  7/6/14.

…And on the Letterman show, where she was humiliated.

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.  7/9/14.

Following Joan’s statement, she explained that the “Michelle Obama is a tranny” remark was a compliment and then never mentioned it again.

Some will ask, “Why would the Obamas care about any of this, if it isn’t true?”  They care, because it is true.  Joan Rivers was a Jew, daring to joke about the “chosen one”.

iu  Those behind the Obamas have cultivated and crafted an image – – Barack Obama, a straight, black man and an African-American civil-rights leader.  Michelle Obama, the tough-talking, ghetto-graduate who rose about it all to become the First Lady.  But, what if the Obama tale is just a fable?  A fairy tale?  What if a political machine decided to create a backstory, erasing the truth?

The MSM, which scrutinizes those they don’t like, takes the Obamas at their very word, using his two ghost-written autobiographies as the official story.  The Gospel According to Obama.

And, if in the 1990’s, Barack Obama had to be coached by actor Harry Lennox on how to act like a black man from the south-side of Chicago, so be it.  And if the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has to teach Obama how to behave like a Christian (instead of a Muslim), so be it.  And if Obama isn’t vetted in 2008 (and John McCain is), so be it.  And if Joan Rivers winds up dead, weeks after saying his life story is a fake, so be it.


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