Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

Time:  Aug. 28, 2014.  Place:  Yorkville Endoscopy, NYC.

Yorkville Endoscopy

Yorkville Endoscopy

Comedienne Joan Rivers undergoes a routine endoscopy (throat exam) and is then given a fatal dose of anesthesia known as Propofol – the same drug that killed singer Michael Jackson.

Q.  Who administered the overdose and why?

Q.  Why wasn’t oxygen made available?

Q.  At age 81, why wasn’t Joan Rivers referred to a hospital, instead of a clinic?

The sad reality is, for all intents and purposes, Joan Rivers was needlessly killed, when her breathing stopped, suffering brain death and a heart attack.  Whoever was out to get her, made sure she was dead three times over.

After all hope was gone, Joan’s daughter Melissa made the difficult decision of taking her mother off of life-support systems.  Her last day was spent in a private room.  Family and friends said a final goodbye.  Death occurred on Sept. 4, at 1:17 p.m.

The MSM has made sure to forget about Ms. Rivers comments about Pres. Obama as “gay” and his wife as “transgendered”.  (7/4/14.)  The Obamas sexual preferences have long been the stuff of rumor on the Internet, largely ignored by the press.

Also, forgotten was David Letterman’s rude walk-off stunt, leaving her on the stage, alone.  (7/9/14.)

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.

David Letterman ditches Joan Rivers.

Gay Rumors Surface – 2008 Presidential Campaign

In late 2007, Candidate Hillary Clinton hires detectives to uncover then-Sen. Obama’s “on the down-low” lifestyle, i.e., to find any gay lovers in his past in an attempt to ruin his presidential bid.  By some coincidence, Donald Young and Larry Bland, who were suspected of being sexually-linked to Obama, wound up dead, shot in the head, execution-style.  Nathan Spencer, also associated with Obama, died from complications from AIDS.

Donald Young and Larry Bland, murdered.  Nathan Spencer dies from AIDS.

Earlier this year, a video was posted on YouTube that went viral:  “Is Michelle Obama a Man?”  The video describes through photos, that the First Lady isn’t one, because of her “Adam’s apple”, “penis bulge”, “brow ridge”, “man hands”, “muscular arms” and “abnormal shape and size”.  YouTube eventually took down the video, due to complaints from Obama fans.  Did this video convince Joan Rivers that Michelle Obama is a “trans”?  …With fatal results?

Q.  The MSM must know how damning it is for Joan Rivers to wind up dead less than two months after her gay/trans remark.  Why won’t they follow this news story?

A.  The MSM have long been on the receiving end of Obama (if you know what I mean.)  They will continue to do so, as long as it suits their political purposes.

The Internet remains the medium for uncensored news.  Eric Reports will continue to go after news stories that the mainstream media is afraid to touch.






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