Is OBAMA Secretly Helping ISIS?

Written/Copyright 2014 – Eric Reports

As ISIS/ISIL spread across the Middle East and continues to threaten the Western World, Americans have to ask themselves, “How did it come to this?”  Why wasn’t ISIS stopped earlier, when they started?”  The answer lies on Obama’s doorstep.

Obama's Apology Tour, Egypt.

Obama’s Apology Tour, Egypt

Time and time again, Barack Obama has sided with the Muslim world.  It was all spelled out in his 2009 “Apology Tour” beginning in Egypt.  BHO marveled over the many achievements of Islam and then condemned the U.S. colonists; whom he sees as imperialists stomping all over weaker nations and cultures.  Frankly speaking, if Obama had unzipped his pants and taken a whiz all over our flag, it would have amounted to the same thing.  The left support such capitulence because they think the USA is always wrong and everyone else is always right.

Now we have ISIS – Islamic terrorists bent on destroying anything that gets in their way of establishing a worldwide caliphate.  What do Obama supporters have to say about that?  Nothing, because in the face of danger, they are cowards.

Jan. 2014.  Obama refers to ISIS as “a Jayvee Team”, wannabe terrorists who pose no threat.  Even Democrats are embarrassed by this statement.

The MSM can’t figure out the President.  He dithers and stammers excuses on how he’ll solve our problems “down the road”.  With mass slaughters across Iraq and Syria, we need action NOW!

Citizens, it has come time to realize the facts.  Obama is working for the other side.  There’s no other explanation.  It’s the only thing that makes sense.

The Afghanistan War (2001 – present).  U.S. deaths have skyrocketed under our current “Commander-in-Chief”.  Our soldiers are sitting ducks.

The ISIS army which started off as a bunch of ragtag al-Qaeda rejects are running circles around us.  How’d that happen?  It happens because we have been infiltrated by radical Islam – namely Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett and others who are secretly at work in support of a Muslim caliphate.  (Didn’t Obama want to help the “Syrian rebels” depose Assad last year?  The same rebels who became ISIS?  The bombing never occurred because Russian Pres. Putin controls Obama.  Putin has proof Obama is not a natural born citizen.)

The U.S. gov’t has been contaminated by Marxists-Muslim-Wahhabi-fanatics who want our country destroyed and are helping ISIS every step of the way.

The mainstream media can do nothing but issue statements of fear on how the terrorists will be soon in our malls, schools, and airports…the same MSM that helped Obama get elected in the first place.

Incredibly, VP Joe Biden has separated himself from his master, saying to ISIS, “We will follow you to the gates of Hell!”

In the final analysis, I see no happy endings — only two more years of horror.


8 thoughts on “Is OBAMA Secretly Helping ISIS?

  1. obama is working to help the Middle East with major political change. The goal is to end the Sykes Picot Treaty of 1916 and bring back the caliphate of the old Ottoman Empire. obama sees himself as the “father of the united arab states”. What are a few heads cut off when you can go down in history as the man who made this change? ISIS used to be al qaeda. Notice we don’t hear about al qaeda anymore? That’s because they are ISIS. Al qaeda came from the Muslim Brotherhood and the MB came from Saudi Arabia. Remember how obama bowed to the saudi king? He is loyal to the Muslims and is using his position and our tax dollars to help bring back the caliphate. The media people will regret hiding the truth like they do. They are not safe from the evil that is coming.


    • Obama’s evil agenda is being allowed to help establish a New World Order, i.e., to create so much world conflict that a U.N.-led dictatorship will be implemented. How many people will die because of this? All to elect a MTV pseudo-African American who is laughing at us.


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